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YAK_Chewie wrote:Five Below stocked more TBS 6" figures right after Christmas...


This is crazy! I wonder if they'll get in more 6" figures after this wave or not.


Really strange that Baze and Chirrut are in the newer Black Series boxes with no window top.
Kooshmeister wrote:I loved the old 3.75" Saga Wampa, but this big beast just blows him outta the water. Great sculpting and details. My one and only gripe is the removable right arm hinders his articulation a little.

They did the same thing on the right arm with the new 3.75" Wampa. It's still a great figure though... I expect at some point they will repack it and the new Probot in TVC packaging. Perhaps a Target exclusive.


I do agree, too, that I'm not a fan of the bloody mouths they give the Wampa figures. I mean, yeah, I know he looked that way in the movie (in the SE), anyway, but only after gobbling up the Tauntaun. In the closeup when he attacks Luke out in the snow, his mouth isn't bloody. It also wasn't bloody in the original release. And at least the 3.75" Saga release gave him a bloody bone accessory, something I wish came with the 6" scale one. Oh well.

Meanwhile, my third Death Trooper specialist, orange box Stormtrooper and Rebel Trooper came. Woo-hoo! This brings my Death Trooper total to six, my Stormtroopers to six as well, and my Rebel Troopers to a piddly two, heh. :D
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