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By RebelSpy129
The hunt is over! Stopped at WM in Ft. Mojave, AZ on my way back to Southern Cal from Laughlin. Like many here, I've been chasing this figure for a while now. There were a few false alarms, finding the Mimban box with a swapped figure... Very annoying!
Mimban 1.jpg
Mimban 2.jpg
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By RebelSpy129
RebelSpy129 wrote:There were a few false alarms, finding the Mimban box with a swapped figure... Very annoying!

Here are my false alarms, frustrating!!!
Mimban False 1.jpg
Mimban False 2.jpg
I found the Archive Collection figures at my local Walmart (Frankfort, KY) yesterday. They only had two Bossks left. I grabbed one of them. First time I've seen Archive figures out in the wild. The figure rang up $19.87, which is a couple of bucks more than the regular Black Series figures at Wal-Mart.
trs55 wrote:and ross is again getting 6 inch bs figures, priced at 2.99 or 3.99. this time rouge one figures with the obi wan wave. so much bs 6 inch will be flooding ross soon.

Now I'm glad i didn't get Jyn or Cassian at Five Below, found 'em a whole 2 bucks cheaper at Ross! Have also seen Krennic and a lone Death Trooper in the past couple days.
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