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This would be a cool present for a kid, but I personally have no interest in it, as I own these figures from previous releases. I even customized that Leia already, but I put a belt / holster on her. I'm definitely glad that there are no new figures in this set! When Hasbro adds a new figure into a repack set it only infuriates most collectors. I'm hoping those days are long over.
This is one of those exclusives that I would pick up when it's on sale. if it is anything like some of the other TRU fall/winter exclusives, it should be on sale for Black Friday. Even though it is all repacks, I kind of like it. It has three Imperial army builders and another AT-ST. The Ewoks I would customize. The rest could also be used for customs.
darthapathy wrote:If this thing really is $168 like it has been rumored to be, I'll wait until there is a massive sale.

Most of the time the price for items is the same number in the US as it is in the UK, even though the conversion rate is different. So for something listed at £99.99 the price translates to $99.99 in the US. That is still pretty expensive though.
I thought the BS line was for collectors, where is the collector motivation for this?
If this set is intended for gift givers who will be buying them for kids, they have to be affordable. $168 is ridiculous, so I'm assuming that's not the actual price. Even at $100, it might be a hard sell - something like this should be priced in the $70-80 range. If this is intended for kids, it shouldn't have so many SA figures either - they could reduce the cost by tossing in a Legends Stormtrooper, Chewie, Han, etc.

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