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By YAK_Chewie
It's a pretty good wave and uses the new cardback design with the TIE pilot. Could be why we're seeing limited supply (perhaps) of Wave 4/5, to make way for the packaging design.

Here's what's in the wave.

•2 x Episode III Darth Vader
•2 x Episode V Yoda Dagobah Training
•2 x R5-G19
•2 x Episode V Hoth Luke Wampa Attack
•2 x Darth Malgus
•2 x Starkiller

I preordered my case from Dorksidetoys about a month ago. Back then, they showed a September shipping date but they moved back to October now.

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By darth_sidious
Cant say I'm really interested in anything from the wave, so I might skip it. The 2 "new" figures are just repaints, plus Luke has a new head. I honestly don't think this Luke is much better than the older version that came with a piece of the Wampa cave. It might have more articulation, but that doesn't do it for me anymore. R5-G19 is a cheap and lazy repaint with no accessories, how do they have the nerve to charge $11 for it? It should be in the Legends line.
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By darth_sidious
Spotted an untouched case of TBS wave 6 today at TRU - its gotta be one of the most boring waves yet - just repaints and repacks. I couldn't bring myself to buy anything, not even the droid. Usually I buy the new characters, but the paint was sloppy and these astro droids aren't worth $11 a pop. As for Luke, I think the old SAGA version looks better.
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By Jodo
I got the droid and will pick up Starkiller if I find it. I was considering picking up Luke to be a background Rebel in my Hoth diorama, but the colors are just really odd on it. They are really yellow for some reason.
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By YAK_Chewie
I am completely in the camp that Hasbro needs to offer more new figures, but I will say these have sold like crazy in my area.

Between the two TRU stores and Kmart, I'd say the area within 20 minutes of my house has sold through at least 30 cases of this wave - and that's not counting Walmart, which I don't think got any in. Targets got in singles here and there.

The only one lingering at all now in my area is the droid and Luke.

By johngrenier2004
They had the entire wave, looked to be 3 cases, at TRU on Saturday. I only collect original trilogy so that leaves out the 2 Expanded Universe figs and the prequel Darth Vader. Yoda, straight repack, and I have the one from the previous wave.

That leaves scarface Luke who's almost as much of a straight repack as Yoda. Just the Wampa scars paint application. Took a pass since I have the Vintage Collection #95 version. He's still a maybe if I can pick him up on sale.

Which just leaves R5-G19. A brand new original trilogy character. Should have been a slam dunk. But I just couldn't justify $9.99 for such a minimal figure. Throw him on the same maybe pile as Luke. A buy-one-get-one-half-off sale would sway me to grab them. Other than that, I don't think I need them on the shelf for as many Lukes and R5 astromech droids as I already have.

Oh well, definitely hoping the Yavin Chewbacca and Leia are more impressive when I see them on the pegs. Dutch Vander's a lock and Dagobah Vader probably a pass.
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