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Which characters from the Force Awakens do you want to see made into figures for the 6 inch line?

Captain Sidon Ithano (Crimson Corsair) (Maz Kanata’s Castle - Takodana)
Genera Leia Organa (Resistance Leader)
Goss Toowers (Ground Crew Technician) (Resistance)
No votes
Han Solo (Cold Weather Gear) (Starkiller Base)
Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master)
Maz Kanata (Pirate that helps the Resistance)
Nien Nunb (X-Wing Pilot Gear - Resistance Fighter)
Peazy (PZ-4CO) (Protocol Droid for the Resistance)
No votes
See-Threepio (C-3PO) (Protocol Droid for the Resistance)
No votes
Supreme Leader Snoke (Leader of the First Order or the Knights of Ren)
I wanted to do a Sequel Trilogy poll for all the Star Wars fans on this website. Please choose anything three characters from the polling list that you would want to see in the 6 inch line. Thank you for letting me post in this forum and enjoy voting for your favorite characters.
I placed my vote for Sidon Ithano: just too cool of a character design to not have a figure made of him.

I know Jedi Master Luke & Leia will be coming, so I'd rather vote for a figure that has a slightly lower chance than those key characters of being made...though, somehow, I feel like the "Crimson Corsair" won't be one of those characters left behind when it comes to figures being produced.
Gamm1969 wrote:There are still other Bounty Hunters from the original movie I would love to see. Dengar, 4-LOM and Zuckuss .It would be cool for them to make the Bounty Hunter package. All them in one set.

I second this. A Bounty Hunter 3 pack would be fantastic
If they did a multi pack, they should do one set of three repacks (Fett, IG-88, Bossk), and a set of three new sculpts (4-LOM, Zuckuss, and Dengar). That way loose collectors can buy one set, and MIB collectors can buy both to finish a cool looking scene.

But then also, ESB Fett is WAAAAY different than ROTJ Fett....So Maybe a new sculpt for Boba would be nice too. :P

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