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By Cmjsrevihc
I found a 3 3/4" Black Series figure at Walmart here in Canada, and it's mislabeled as Phasma, but clearly is not her. The thing is, I have no idea who the character is, and I can't find him online. I've attached a photo. The package is still factory sealed so I'm certain no one replaced the figure and returned the item. If he's not a Star Wars figure, maybe he's from another Hasbro line?

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By StooperZero
thats a Neo-Viper from the gi joe movie line.

I'm certain no one replaced the figure and returned the item.

ha ha.... people used to do this all the time, scum and thieves are quite crafty.
By Cmjsrevihc
Haha, no way. Wow, I know I'm anal about how I skillfully open packages, but I couldn't put one back together without some evidence of tape damage. Think I'll put him in my Star Wars Cantina scene anyway; he looks like an offworlder, plus he's a product of "scum and villainy". Thanks for the info!
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By StooperZero
What these clowns do is use a small blowdryer/heat gun and warm the tape, lift it up, swap contents, re-heat and push tape back into place.

i was on goodwills auction site last month and there was a bunch of TVC figures on card that had been swapped with POTF2 versions of the same characters. And people still bid through the roof for them.

This is considered fraud/shoplifting if you return it and get caught. Would it be worth your freedom for a action figure?
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