Discuss of Hasbro new line in the 3-3/4" scale & 6" scale

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By TradeFederationSympathy
I found the Walgreens exclusive 3P0. It really is a good figure. I was skeptical when I saw the pictures but he looks even better in person. It naturally poses just like 3P0 does in the movie.
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By The Professor
C-3PO is my favorite character. I might just have to make this my one and only 6" figure, probably in the ESB colors from Walgreens.
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By GrandMoffHux14
YAK_Chewie wrote:I'ts a great figure - I think it's the best $20 that I've spent on a figure this year.


I kinda want it...And I don't own any 6" figures.
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By StooperZero
dress him up , go to walmart in the craft section and get some folk art metallic royal gold paint. he wont look bandai good but it's much better than the dull look they gave him vs giving him the vaccuum pvc look.

i tried it on the one im hacking up and looks alright.
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I want the TFA version. Haven't seen it yet, thinking about ordering it off the webs.
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Ha too late man! I really appreciate it, but right after posting I saw Hasbro Toy Shop on Ebay selling it for 18 bucks, free shipping. Pulled the trigger. Impulsive collector syndrome.
By jorsupersid
I LOVE THIS FIGURE. I have what...over a thousand SW toys? An this guy is easily one of my favorite figures. To the point I've horded as many I could get at various times (customs / trades / etc.) I hope to get my 40th Anniversary one singed one day as well. They just did such an amazing job on such a mass retail figure. The only other 3PO I love "as much" is the 12" Masterpiece Collection removable limbs 3PO a toy I've only taken out of the package maybe twice? For even 5mins.
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By Kooshmeister
jorsupersid wrote:I hope to get my 40th Anniversary one singed one day as well.

*Offers a lit match.* :D
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