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By darthapathy
After seeing Peakob1's fantastic job on repaints and kit-bashes of figures it got me thinking about how easy Hasbro could do this and offer us "new" figures without having to do a lot of "work". This could be something as simple as offering new heads on existing figures (Rebel Fleet Trooper) or use parts on hand to build a "new" figure.
Again, I think this is another subject that has been touched on in several other threads but I believe should have it's own thread. Is this something collectors would go for?

Here are my wants

E-3PO, R-3PO, C-3PO [BAD mold]
Mon Calamari Crewman; RO and ROTJ versions

Rebel Fleet Trooper (new head and holster)
Endor Rebel Trooper (new head)
Rebel Officers; Echo Base (Rebel Trooper; EBBG and various heads)
Imperial Officers; black tunic (TVC Imperial officer, new heads)
Imperial Officers; Death Star briefing room (TVC Tarkin body with the heads and rank badges of the other officers)
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