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By ToyShelfReview
I was just looking at the 3.75" AT-ACT Driver that came with the AT-ACT vehicle and comparing it to the 6" Target Exclusive AT-ACT Driver and I noticed the belt area is different between the two figures. The 3.75" version which is on the left side of the photo I attached has an added side piece to the utility belt...basically the Scarif Trooper body but the side pieces and pouch is painted black. The 6" AT-ACT Driver (right side of photo) doesn't have the side piece on the belt and just uses the Hovertank Pilot body. Anyone know which way it should be or if both are accurate? You only see the drivers from the shoulder up in the movie.
AT-ACT Driver Comp.JPG
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By Jodo
I'd imagine the 6 inch version is probably closer to what they would be, since the magazine pouch would probably be less necessary for a driver than a Scariff ground trooper.
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