Discuss of Hasbro new line in the 3-3/4" scale & 6" scale

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By Joosk
My Holy Grail for Black series I finally got been looking for about 3 years now for this. Finally found one at a decent price.
Jabba's Skiff Guard.jpg
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By StooperZero
YAK_Chewie wrote:Who, I just saw how much these go for on eBay now. Good lord.


what some of the legacy/tvc stuff is going for is ridiculous . some of the comic packs are bringing $$$$$$$$$ as well.
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By darthmac
Yikes! I had an extra one that I returned to the store back when these guys were hitting. Only saw a few, only saw Ree-yees once.
By jorsupersid
I passed on every one of these at toys r us stores when I lived around NYC... "I don't want to pay $10+ a figure"... I even have pictures I took of the rebels jedi temple guards on the pegs and passed. Boy I feel stupid now...

BUT... NOT AS STUPID passing on CASES of Action Collection "blue error" snowtroopers or piles of the Collector fleet Super Star Destroyers... Both at outlets... Rock bottom prices.
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By Joosk
ya the sculpt on this is really nice when looking at it up close. I got lucky when I got him for 35.00 and came in a pristine condition card and bubble pristine. Now I'm just looking for Ree Yees same wave as him.
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