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By YAK_Chewie
I like the idea of an official government supporting the Empire... nice idea...

Maybe this is a planet where there is a local human population that has enforced Imperial law on a small Ithorian settlement?

Also how cool would it be to have some sort of statue of a Gentle Giant Hammerhead painted gray as a centerpiece of worship in front of the temple? Sometime like this, only bigger!


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By YAK_Chewie

Ok, based on this mockup, what if we did something like this...

Local Population
Local Ithorian Citizens - 12 or so customs
Random Local Citizens - 10 or so customs
Local Military - 5 or so customs

Imperial Forces
Imperial Stormtroopers - 12 or so customs
Imperial Officers - 2 or so customs
Darth Vader - not a custom

Rebel Forces
Rebel Troopers - 8 or so customs
Jedi Knights - 3 customs

AT-ST x 2 - not customs, would be the "new" mold
Rebel Tank/Speeder x 1
Local Military Speeder x 1
Local Citizen Speeder x 2

To be determine - I think 4-5 buildings, is fine

I will revise that mockup some more with an alternative version... but in terms of figures... we could have 2 people in charge of making Imperials... 2 people in charge of making Rebels... 1 person in charge of making a few Jedi... 4-5 people making citizens... then we start seeing some real uniformity.

If we wanted for the Stormtroopers to look uniform, for example, two customizers with similar styles could make all those. We just agree to both use the same types of paints (Testors acrylics semi gloss white and flat black). I actually already have a growing army of custom Stormtroopers of that style... I'd probably use the VOTC sculpt as I have a lot of those, but could include 1-2 with ball jointed hips so we could have a couple in dynamic poses.

As for vehicles - we could have 1 person make 2 native speeders, and maybe the Rebel team work on the Rebel speeder, etc.


By Blueharvest1138
Hi- I'm Brian a friend of Paul's & help out over at I have chatted about this project with Paul via email.

I just read through this thread. So is the Disneyland "Star Wars Land" is a no go?

Wouldn't have to focus on Disneyland. We could look at the other parks as well. AT-AT & ewok village in Orlando. X-wing in Paris. Jedi Training Academy shows. Other Tomorrowland attractions Lucas was a part of, such as Alien Encounter and Captain EO. Autopia we could use American Graffiti hot wheels? The submarine ride to Otoh Gunga? Could be the Ultimate "Star Wars/Lucasland."

Stephen Hayford's Star Tours/Star Wars Weekends dio: ... s-diorama/

Mark Patton's Celebration L.A. Star Tours dio: ... s-diorama/

Latest Disneyland-Star Wars Land rumors:

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By master_phruby
I don't think its a no go. We are just exploring other ideas. I'd still like to do the Disneyland one because this will be the first Celebration run by LFL since the Disney takeover. It also fits because Disney will be converting over TL at the same time. It's more topical and unique compared to battlefield inspired treatment. The downside is it is a lot harder to make.
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By jedistyle
i actually really like that idea.......i personally have about 50-60 501st troopers id be glad to lend to this idea for the ugp....and a slew of custom jedi as well. like ive sai everyone has or can do custom jedi so this idea is one that i feel is likley to get alot of participation.
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By The Professor
I could provide a building or two if the project gets going but no figures or anything like that. I will not be at Celebration (although I would love to go), so I cannot help there, either.
By my kind of scum
Sounds like there is going to be a diorama building workshop, though, at least. I agree, though, that it would have been nice if we could have made something work.

Will you be at Celebration, Chewie?
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