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By YAK_Chewie
I think that could be cool. Really cool. I also don't see a huge problem with there being some dead Stormtroopers/Rebels in the mix. We could cater anything here to be more of adult aimed diorama - which I actually think interests kids more than the minds at Hasbro realizes.

On any note - what do you think about going smaller on size, and higher on quality? Does the diorama have to be really huge? Could we scale it down some and really focus on some really nice details (not that the older one wasn't quality, I'm just throwing this idea out there). It might be easier to manage this way too.

By Grimace
I love the "Lost Line" idea, but I think perhaps a unique name should be used since "Lost Line" was recently used by Hasbro and we don't want to confuse anyone like the way The Black Series and The Black Series does (to me at least :oops: )

I propose the names "The Forgotten Line" or "The Ignored Line" or "Fanboy Force" or "The Most Wanted"

and hidden behind each unique figure is put a different version of Anakin or Obi Wan
or maybe lying flat and the unique figure has a foot on the chest?

and I hope there would be room left for an area that showcases the differences between the ridiculously oversized Clone Trooper helmets with some of the customizers' ideas to improve it
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By Tamer
This is a great idea. If you guys get the concept down and don't mind another group of helpers (ISYers) perhaps we could co-host this?
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By YAK_Chewie
Tamer wrote:This is a great idea. If you guys get the concept down and don't mind another group of helpers (ISYers) perhaps we could co-host this?

Awesome, I had a feeling you would like this project... and I think that would be great if we are able to do some crossing over between the sites.

One thing I would like to mention is that one site's forums probably needs to be the "home base" for communication, otherwise it's hard to track progress/milestones. We experienced some issues with that last time when we did it both here and at Jedidefender. We ended up making JD the home base then and Yakface was used more for promoting the project, and some updates were posted here too.

Phruby has the ultimate "final say" though - and if he even wanted for ISY to be the home base for this at some point, we would be fine with that too and would still support it all the way.

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By master_phruby
Well, we are the very beginning stages of this project with lots of time to go on it. For the mean time, lets keep talking about things here. Maybe as the project moves into design we could split things up between members on other sites and have different sites work on different pieces of the puzzle.

For now, I am all for keeping things smaller but higher on quality. Since I'm the guy that would have to drag and setup the stuff at the convention, less is always good. I'm not sure how many customizers are still making Star Wars customs but last time we had 19 contributors. I'm hoping for at least that number again.

Maybe in the future, I'll setup a blog for the project. We had a web site for the first project, maybe a blog or facebook site might be in order this time.
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By jedistyle
i really like the battle ravaged city idea, thats the route i was going when suggestion a big jedi vs sith battle...rebels vs empire would allow for alot more vehicles and versatility in customs though for sure.

im defeinetley on board with the smaller but higher quality aspect.....

we could also still mix in say a doazen or so civilians that the rebels are trying to protect and get out of the city safely for some variety and a cool fight scene, sort of like a "battle los angeles" idea....

i will sketch up something as well just so we have a coulpe diffrent prespectives to actually look at.....
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By YAK_Chewie
As we get closer on this, what are thoughts of using some diorama mats from build-a-rama? The grass mats are fantastic - the only issue I have with those things is price and it's hard to get figures to stand on them.

My thoughts... if we end up wanting to use some diorama mats for a section of it (not the whole thing of course), we might want to rearch out and see if that company wants to help sponsor this.

We could also consider starting a paypal fund for supplies - or even a kickstarter campaign.

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By master_phruby
Is it possible to crazy glue the figures to the grass mats?
By my kind of scum
Museum wax should work, even on the mats, and wouldn't do any damage to the figures at all - and it would allow for some pretty dynamic posing if need be.
By Lance Quazar
I think this is great, guys. I have very fond memories of the amazing CIV diorama and meeting some forum friends back in the day!

What was great about the last project - the fan fiction planet of Judde Lullos - was that it was very versatile. It gave people the opportunity to do almost anything and make any kind of contribution - big or small - that they were able to do.

So many people (myself included) donated custom figures. Others vehicles. And the most ambitious, creative types created the buildings. Large and small. Everything from a simple shop to the city walls and the battle going on outside.

It was a project where everyone could contribute at any level. The concept was pretty wide open.

I would suggest something that is similarly versatile that would allow people to let their creativity run wild without being hamstrung by a singular or too narrow vision.

While a lot of the ideas here are truly creative, it may keep people away if they don't think they'd be able to make an effective piece of Disneyland. Or if they have to do a post-battle scene. Or create a Coruscant tower. And so on.....

I dunno.

Just food for thought.

Carry on!
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By YAK_Chewie
I like the idea of a versatile theme, but I'm also not opposed to there being a fewer number of participants (which I am thinking might be inevitable given customizing is not quite as big as it was in 2007).

On any note, I was thinking there will probably be some sort of citizens in this - just for fun, I made a concept citizen Arcona.


You know, if we like the idea of figures in robes for citizens, we could potentially score a large number of Indiana Jones figures on the cheap... just a thought...

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By YAK_Chewie
As for an alien species that dominates the planet... I really think a population of Ithorians could be amazing...

What if there was a city on the planet of Ithor where a Battlefront style fight was going on?


^ Seems like we could pull that off...

Basically, the city itself can be one large platform with tiles as the flooring.

We could create an "elevated" area or two, with tiles stacked higher for part of the city.

Then there is also a "grass area" like a nature reserve/park in part of it... and populate that area with a few trees and plants.

Then we create some structures and a few buildings - it doesn't have to be overbearing, as few as 5-6 buildings created by 1-2 people might suffice... one building is partially destroyed, with Rebel Troopers pouring out of it. And then you have citizens (mostly Ithorians) fleeing the area, while Imperials around the city engage the Rebels...

Just an idea... I think it could be cool.

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By YAK_Chewie
Ok, here's my mockup idea of a battle on an Ithorian city... this is a bird's eye view...


small black Imperial symbol = Darth Vader
white Imperial symbols = Stormtroopers/Scout Troopers
large black Imperial symbols = AT-ST walkers

blue Rebel logos = Jedi knights
red Rebel logos = Rebel Troopers
large Rebel logo = Rebel Armored Speeder

brown symbols = Ithorian citizens

yellow block things = buildings
grassy area = park area

...thoughts? I would think we'd be okay with different types of Rebel Troops, but would want a consistent look for our Stormies... maybe some sort of gritty/weathered look... maybe just one person paints all the Stormies for a consistent look...


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By master_phruby
That's true. With fewer dedicated people, things could look a lot more uniform. It's not like we are going to say no to anyone. I like the idea of an Ithor city where the population in general is dressed in robes. It gives the city a kind of middle east-type look but still modern. Maybe the background story could the local population is trying desperately to keep their temple from being destroyed during the battle but at the same time there is religious strife between two races that lay claim to the ancient temple. Maybe the "official" government could be supporting the Empire and want to get rid of the other other race of Ithorians and the rebels are their to try and stop it.

One thing that was cool before was we tried to create little individual stories of what was going on in each section of the town. Since this is going to be smaller, the entire field needs to tell one story beyond the rebels trying to liberate a city.
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