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By YAK_Chewie
A new UGP may be coming to Celebration VII!

First and foremost, master_phruby (Paul) is the lead director of this project. Updates and final decisions are his call. He will likely assign roles and responsibilities to other customizers at some point in the near future. We are simply in the discussion phase at this point.

As we discuss this new project, it may be beneficial for those unfamiliar with this to take a look back at what was done the last time when this was made for Celebration IV, back in 2007 - which was a huge undertaking, and took a big committment for those involved. But - the final result was WORTH IT. So, check these forum sections for details:

Yakface C4 Ultimate Groupd Project

Jedidefender C4 Ultimate Group Project

Last time we had a joint discussion going on here and at Jedidefender - this was fine for a while but it ended up being very difficult to manage communication that way. For the time being we have opened up the discussion here at Yakface. If for any reason Paul (master_phruby) decides that this should not be the primary forum for contact, we will honor that request but Yakface will still fully support and promote this project.

And see these pics too for an idea of what last time's end result looked like, for fun:



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