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By master_phruby
Lucasfilm has posted the requirements for a fan booth / table at Celebration VII. We have already talked to Mary Franklin about the new diorama when we met her at D23 a few weeks ago. The idea of the Star Wars tomorrowland overlay was brought up and she liked the idea. That doesn't mean we have to do this but it is on her radar. The link is here:

I will fill out the application for the fan built prop. I will need the following:

Photos of each set or prop from front, back, and each side
Space needed for each set or prop, including length, width, and height
Weight of each set or prop
Address where each set or prop is currently located and will be shipped from
Any other special needs for your sets and props (electricity, special loading equipment, etc.)
Will you need help paying for shipping or transportation for your prop or set piece? If yes, then what is the preferred method of transportation?
Number of staff needed to set up and dismantle
Number of staff needed at all times during show hours
Whether or not fans can take photographs inside the prop or set or near it
Any other special information specific to your set or prop

I figure we will use most of the pictures from the first Ultimate group project until we start getting some concept drawing in place. This has to be submitted to Mary Franklin by July 15, 2014 so we've got a year to make stuff up.
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By jedistyle
As v or shipping loading and unloading wouldn't we do as we did last time and have everyone contributing mail thier items too one or two people to take to the event and set up/breakdown......then included info and funds if you are wanting your items returned?
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By master_phruby
That is what I'm planning on doing again. I think that worked really well.

You remember what kind of pain in the ass the convention center people were like. They wouldn't let us in. They kicked us out early. They wouldn't get us the tables we needed. Everything that we didn't bring in ourselves would have to go through their union people and we would be paying the bills. Mary Franklin is my hero for getting us the things we needed for setup.

I'm just glad we aren't building a life size x-wing.
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By jedistyle
right right....

hmmm, well let me know if there is anything specific i can contribute. many of those specific details they want arent even available yet since we are in such early planning stages.....
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By master_phruby
We've got a year to think about it and draw up some pictures. Odds are what we come up a year before won't be anything like what we deliver.
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