A 3.75-inch action figure line supporting the upcoming animated series

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By YAK_Chewie
darthmac wrote:Yeah, I'll take the $10 figure, but that is not the wise business stance for Hasbro. I really wish Hasbro could figure out the right articulation for the right figures. ROTS quality figures for $7 to $7.50 MSRP, would be ideal.

Yeah! It would be nice to see that kind of price point, along with that type of quality... really seems hard for it to fail, as long as they had a solid variety of characters (and of course the movie isn't an epic failure).

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All very good thoughts and speculation, for the most part I agree. I think they will be testing the water with the new Rebel line before commiting to giving us more articulation and so forth. I may be wrong but to me the more cartoony looking clone wars toys were not desireable. I didn't buy a single one and I am sure there are others out there like me. And kids can be finicky. Star Wars does have as much pull with the younger generation; so I think they are seeing how kids take to the show first before thinking about rolling out better, more expensive toys for it. I don't think they are really thinking of the adult collector when manufacturing a toy for a cartoon series aimed at kids; but with Star Wars they have to be fools to not consider adult collectors in every endeavor. We hold the purse strings and I don't think kids beg for toys like they do for video games and electronic doo-hickies now, but I don't think Hasbro is seeing it the same way. They still want to crack that kid market and sell to the lowest common expectation of goods; the 5 year old's expectation of what a toy should be. It worked in the 80's but I think the market has changed drastically.

The best thing would be to throw some of the "new" characters into the black series as well but I think they are scared of flooding the market with the same characters that aren't the mainstays in the movies. We can have ten Obi-Wans on the pegs but lets forget about the Gamorrean Guard ;).

Rebels really does seem like kind of a stop-gap measure to keep the Star Wars fire kindled until Ep7 rolls around. I'm sure they don't want a bunch of Rebel stuff warming the pegs when Episode 7 comes out. My only hope in all of this is that these cheap figures don't continue into Ep7...that they go the articulated route when they do those. Otherwise it's straight up greed. I think the toys will change based on the target audience of the movie or show the toy is based on. I hope for Ep7 they realize adults will be buying the majority of that stuff and cater accordingly.
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By darth_sidious
I think the 5 poa line will stick around for the movie releases, to allow for a cheaper alternative to the sa line. If the rebels line does really well, and the tbs line faulters any further, we could potentially see a major shift in action figure collecting, with the sa line being ditched. Hasbro has said the sa line will stick around, at least for 2014, but anything could happen.
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