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By YAK_Jayson
darth_sidious wrote:The Sabine with the black on the helmet was the original and had a deco error (often in promo images), and was quickly corrected from what I've seen. Perhaps that retailer received one of the initial cases before the factory updated it?

Multiple cases with the original "black" deco shipped out from multiple online retailers. So, in essence it is a variant/running change.
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By DarthEddie
So far I've found (though not necessarily bought) every single Rebels Mission Series 2-pack that's been released at brick-and-mortar except for two: Sabine/Stormtrooper and Wicket/Biker Scout. The first one I understand because of who's in the package, but I'm a little surprised that the Wicket and Biker Scout are so elusive right now, at least here in my own area.

I don't count any of the Wave 3 sets because right now the only people who seem to have them ordered them online and they're not yet officially "out" and in stores. I'm really looking forward to the Hoth Luke/Hoth Han set and the one with Yoda and R2-D2. For simple 5-POA sculpts those look pretty fantastic, especially the Hoth 2-pack.
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By DarthEddie
She's definitely the hardest one in all of Wave 2 to track down!
By Jedimaster-c
CommanderJoe276 wrote:I've only seen the Sabine pack and the Wookies pack. None of the others. But I consider myself lucky to have found Sabine :D

I have seen the Sabine/stormtrooper pack a few times mainly at Target. Walmart anymore is a joke in my area. It looks to me like they either are scared of Star Wars or detest it. No MS packs. They might get in a few of the wave 1 singles. I have yet to see the black Series 6 inch Han Stormtrooper and Bossk. My area is that bad at getting stuff in.
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By DarthEddie
My Walmarts just got Wave 1 of Mission Series with Zeb, Boba Fett and Vader but that's been it.
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By DarthEddie
After reading the latest Mission Series reviews over at JTA I'm getting more excited about finding the new Hoth Luke and Han set and the Yoda and R2-D2 when they finally start to hit brick-and-mortar retail.
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By DarthEddie
Scored the following today at my local TRU (Roanoke, Virginia) using their brand new 2-for-$15 sale on all Mission Series figures:

1 x Hoth Luke/Hoth Han
1 x R2-D2/Yoda
1 x Stormtrooper Commander/Hera
1 x Princess Leia/Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise
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By DarthEddie
I had no idea the sale was even going on. Unless the collecting websites alert me to sales and markdown events I don't know most of them exist until I walk into the store, and I'm not in the habit of checking prices on the TRU webpage.

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