A 3.75-inch action figure line supporting the upcoming animated series

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By DarthEddie
My TRU still has three basic carded Ezra figures left on the pegs, and hanging near all the new TFA products. They haven't sold in weeks and if they left the price at $9.99 then they might not sell him when the Ezra repack on the new TFA cardback will be two dollars cheaper.
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By DarthEddie
My TRU still has one Ezra left from the multilingual repack wave of Rebels/Saga Legends. He's been hanging there for a while now and still costs $9.99.
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By DarthEddie
And at $9.99 for such a small package with almost no accessories included for a 5-POA figure he's not exactly the best value on the 3.75" Star Wars market.
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By MasterFox
The Rebels packaging figures were really rare around here. Everyone is hoarding TFA. I would hoard these if I could find them. The scarcity will make these rise in value over time.
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By DarthEddie
There's still one Ezra left at my TRU. Nobody seems to care about buying him and he's still $9.99 even though all of the other Rebels-carded figures are long gone.
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By Skydoll
Got Ezra, Kanan and the Inquisitor for $6.99 at my local TRU in NJ. In 3 3/4 inch, natch.

Also picked up the 12 inch Stormtrooper from a Walgreens in Houston that I happened to visit last weekend. I like this animated version of the Stormtrooper. Gonna display him next to my other 12" guys in white.
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By Jodo
For me, it's the dynamic arm pose. She can hold the blaster while it's holstered, and that makes for a great neutral stance. If 5 POA figures could do that I'd be picking them up left and right.

The Stormtrooper, for example, would look awesome holding it's blaster with 2-hands. If they're not going to be articulated, that would be enough to warrant my purchase, I think.
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By Imaculata
I don't care about Star Wars Rebels at all... but I couldn't resist buying an AT-DP. It is just a fantastic looking vehicle, and completely the right scale for other 5POA figures, vintage and new. The first time I saw a picture of that vehicle, I didn't even know it was from Rebels, but I just had to get me one. It is a great design. Then I delayed and delayed... but when I saw it at a discount in my local toystore today, I finally bought it.

It doesn't have a whole lot of features, apart from a spring loaded canon, posable legs, and a top hatch that opens. But thats fine. There were minimal decals that had to be applied, and they were easy to apply too. It just looks great in my collection.
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By Darth Vlad's Clone
Congrats on the new addition. I love the looks of the AT-DP. One of my favorite designs from Rebels. I wish the inner legs were covered, but it's good enough for the price I paid. Now, if only Hasbro gave us the Empire version of the AT-ST I would be happy.
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