A 3.75-inch action figure line supporting the upcoming animated series

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By YAK_Jayson
Hasbro has made available high-res images of the upcoming ToysRUs Exclusive Mission Series: The Ghost / Reveal the Rebels set. As of yet, no release schedule has been announced.
By Grimace
from the little I've seen of it, that Obi Wan hologram looks very unarticulated

I think just the head moves

*edit* just read the news on the front page about just the head moving
By CaptainYoda
I guess it isn't any worse than the old Pay's Potato Chips Spirit of Obi Wan!

I did see this one the shelf at TRU the other day, and was tempted to grab it, but for some reason I held off. For now. Maybe once some more Rebels figures are out I may grab it.

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By darth_sidious
This set isn't bad if you're a fan of the show, and don't already have Kanan and Ezra. I'm glad this was announced before the basic figures hit the pegs. The price isn't great, because Kanan and Ezra would be $6 each, and $8 for Obi is certainly high for a salt shaker, but as a TRU exclusive, its unfortunately to be expected.

I actually called TRU CS and gave two different guys the UPC and Item # to see if its in my area - neither had a clue. I don't think they could find it in their system, and I'm not sure they even knew how to look it up...
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By darthmadonna
I picked this up earlier this week. I really like the figures. These are my first 5 POA purchase and I do not mind it much at all in this line. So Now I am stoked for the rest of the gang! I just wish I could actually find some Rebels merch that is or meant for the action figures. There is nothing but those army men everywhere I go. They fill up the regular section and then there are endcaps too!
Kyle Kata..Um Kanan I mean
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By YAK_Chewie
Picked up this set today at a local Toys"R"us. It was the only one on the shelf.

There was a glaring flaw though. The Kanan's left boot is not painted right. I don't know why paint apps are so difficult for Hasbro these days.


My son wants this set as he's kind of interested in Rebels. I went ahead and bought it because as a customizer, I can fix this and I know someone else might have bought this and not realized the paint problem until after the purchase.

Best part of the set is Ezra's Imperial helmet in my opinion.

On a side note, I'm afraid we're going to see "bait and switch" tactics from the scumbags with the Obi Wan. Hasbro made that way too easy...

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By Peakob1
I got this same thing and the three ships, spent 95 bucks and the paint app on Ezra's shin guard is completely askew.
I'm really bummed by these figures so far! I'm still wondering why they are a dollar more?, oh trust me I know why but man the older I get, all I care about is availability and price!!!! :?
YAK_Chewie wrote:My daughter lost my Kenobi's head.

Recently, my 3 year-old son has lost a missile from the BMF (I think he shot it down a ventilation shaft and it laying on the bottom of the chasm) and somehow I'm missing a R2 from the Resurgence set. :cry:
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