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Here's a quick follow up custom... The Animated Iron Man Crimson Dynamo (I think that's the base figure...) looked at lot like Elbe for the KotOR comic to me, so I figured I pick one up and practice some dry brushing on him for this month's theme. I like how he came out, experimented with not painting the "armor" on him entirely symmetrically to make him look a little more worn in.

Shown with the Corpse Droid for a sense of scale.
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By Incom
Oooooh, really nice, Dan. He looks to me like a heavier version of that ASP-7 droid from the SE of ANH. I'm a huge fan of the KotoR comics and Elbee is a really cool character.

Very nice display picture too, with the letters behind the BLD.

Is his red (optical?) sensor glowing because of a photoshop effect, or did you apply paint to create off source lighting? It's something I'm practising on various customs, and applied often in the art of miniature painting.

And of course, do show some detail shots 8)

So Clone Wars got me interested in Clones, and now I'm reading the Karen Traviss Republic Commando novels. Between the two, I'm finding the Grand Army of the Republic a lot more interesting that it was initially presented in Episode 2 and 3.

RC-1308 is heavy weapons specialist (shown with his custom DC-117, a heavier but less versatile version of the DC-17) who earned the nickname "Tank" when a clerical mistake assigned him to an assault in place of a TX-130S, a Republic Fighter Tank. By the time the error could be corrected, RC-1308 had managed to actually complete the assignment on his own.

I really like the design of this guy, but he started giving me more and more problems the closer I got to being finished with him. The grey paint was too thick and went on lump, the black paint was too watery and smeared every where. I managed to glue the arm posts in place when I resealed the torso, and when I tried to replace the articulation with a wooden dowel rode, I managed to drill straight out through the shoulder.

Still, I like him, I see him as kind of a "gentle giant" for a Commando.

GIJOE ROC REPEATER: Head, Lower Arms, Hands, and weapon (modified)
GALACTIC MARINE (Order 66): Legs, Boots
i like him alot, i'm a huge fan of Travis' work as well, the republic and imperial commando novels are among my faves recently.

i like what you did and i think the repeater's head is an interesting take for a clone but i'm not too sure about the short sleeves even though there might be times when a full katarn armor is not needed.
Damn that's awesome. I think it might be the coolest Commando design I've seen yet (I'm enjoying those books too by the way).

Anyways, I feel your pain about the paint lumping... I've been experimenting with Testors paint lately, and while I do like it, I'm having some problems at times. I've also been down that road with having to repair joints sometimes... it can be really aggravating in some cases.

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By DanOfTheDead

Just two simple customs, minor part swapping and paint.

Female Jedi:
STASS ALLIE - Base Figure

Male Jedi
ROTH-DEL MASONA - Base figure
KI-ADI-MUNDI (Concept Art) - Head

And here's a group shot with the Padawans a did a few months ago.
By stroebel83
your work blows me away. They all have the same feel and fit perfectly in the universe. Seeing everyone's customs has made me start stacking up on fodder figures off ebay. this spring I start. And if it is okay I will be standing on the shoulders of you guys
Dan as many of you guys know I only do Jedi so when ever I see a new one I want to do one like that one.unfortunatley I have a very small budget for fodder figures at the moment as we are going through IVF. So as a favour to me stop making so many damn fine Jedi cos I can't keep up LOL great work as always
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By DanOfTheDead
Thanks guys. Always great to hear kind words from this community.

Stoebel, just take customizing one step at a time and give yourself time to get comfortable with one skill before taking too much. It's easy to get discourage if your first customs are too ambitious and don't turn out as you'd want them to. But we ALL started somewhere, and the skills and talent come if you give it time! GOOD LUCK!

Storm, I'll only post crappy customs from now own, promise. (lies) ;)
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