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YAK_Chewie wrote:Very cool, seems like a great version of David Bowie as a Sith... and good head choice as well.

I believe the holocron is actually from the inside of the Wal-Mart Droid Factory protocol droid (I-5YQ) chest... right?


Actually, it's this one:
from the Clone Emperor/Dark Empire Luke pack with the holocron spirit removed.

Oh, and the eyes do look a bit crossed from that angle. I tried something different and drilled the pupils with a pen vice... I think it work well, except there's now way to redo if they end up too close together.
Darth Phantom wrote:DotD, your goblin lord Jareth sith from "Labyrinth" looks great and was a brilliant idea.
Great use of parts even Cade's head works perfectly.

Any plans on making a jedi version of Sir Didymus to fight Jareth? :mrgreen:

You know, I was just thinking Ludo, Hoggle and Didymus might be a nice follow up to the Princess Bride kidnappers...

I think I've got Ludo figured out, will have to brain storm on Hoggle and Didymus a bit.
Incom wrote:Still have yet to see TPB, but your twist on the characters is terrific, Dan.

Labyrinth is a favourite movie of mine. I also used to play the soundtrack over and over again. Great take on making Jareth part of the GFFA. You know, you should try and paint that lighting effect on his armour. Make it look metallic, you know :)

And is it me, or does he look cross eyed :P ? Speaking of eyes, did you paint them in different colours, like David Bowie's eyes?

And last: where'd the holocron come from?


I am digging your cross-over inspirations really unique for sure!! I take it u had an 80's movie moment?

I got to agree w/ incom, on a couple of things, The armor! u can mix a little silver and black and a little silver (mithril silver from vallejo paints) and blue and should bring the armor touches quite well.
The eyes do look a little cross eyed, quick fix.
The hair, perhaps a resculpt or paint it darker and add some highlights, it would bring out the facial expression more.
Perhaps add some crazy DAVID BOWIE make up lol!!

Just some suggestions in case u want to revisit.

Dan, I'm loving the movie crossover ideas, very cool concept indeed!

J'wrath is great, and I agree that the headsculpt is a good choice! Totally love the oufit! :wink:
Not a cross over this time... I just got inspired by the accessory I made for the last one:


Pinhead from Hellraiser.

Calling it done even though he doesn't have his signature pins... I tried bits of plastic, needles, paperclips... nothing was going to work in that scale without looking like a railroad spike.

I think the carved lines and pin marks are an adequate likeness, even without the additional hardware.

Turns out the ROC Cobra Commander torsos are good for something after all!

Oh, if you're not a Hellraiser fan, just pretend he's a Sith! :D
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By Incom
A Sith? Blasphemy! :evil: This is such a cool and wicked custom Dan. I'm a big fan of Clive Barker's sick universe. Awesome work on him! That's a CC torso? Never would've guessed that :D
By Darth Phantom
Fantastic work DotD.
Love your Hellraiser figure. The parts you used work perfectly together. I do not know if that is a Palpatine head you used but if so, you did some good work in making him hard to identify. Without the pins on his head he looks even cooler and more suitable for the SW Universe IMO. I also recognized that I am not the only one to "sacrifice" a Darth Revan for customizing purposes. Cool!
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By Darth_Cuddles
Awesome figure, Dan, you've really captured the twisted look of Pinhead there I think, and the Holocron really works great as his puzzle box!
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By DanOfTheDead
"You play a good game boy, but the game is finished, now you die!"

The Tall Man, a Lurker, a Sentinel, and Mike Pearson from Phantasm. Didn't quite nail Angus Scrimm's scowl I was going for on the Tall Man, but otherwise, I'm REALLY happy with these. Got another Lurker on the way, and I need to make the silver pole gateway.e way, and I need to make the silver pole gateway.

More horror movie customs, I'd be surprised if many people (or anyone) recognizes these, but I'm happy with them!
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By Darth_Cuddles
I can barely remember Phantasm, not seen it for yeeeaaars! That said, however, I rather like these guys, especially The Tall Man! :wink:
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By Incom
I haven't seen Phantasm in ages either. Only remember bits of it. Very nice take on these three characters, Dan. The Tall Man stands out the most. Wouldn't mind a more close up shot of him and that shiny ball of his!

The dwarf/lurker looks cool as well, but perhaps using Dice Abbigon (or whatever Freddy Krueger's look-a-like is called) provides a better face? Got me thinking: with some retooling, that Jawa body could very well be used for an Igor figure from the 1974 movie Young Frankenstein! :D

The feet (Storm Shadow's?) on Mike look a bit big, or it must be Mutt Williams' body is a bit too small. But otherwise the resemblence is striking!

Looking forward to more horror customs, Dan!
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