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By Incom
Tonphanan wrote:Wow Incom, Your backdrop really makes it pop. Glad you like them.

Just my simple DIY Ikea lightbox and a large piece of black cotton, James :)
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By YAK_Chewie
That's a fantastic take on the death of Mace Windu, I really like the concept, and the execution is great! Love the parts you used and the damage for Vader too. Windu was portrayed as such a bada@@ in the movie, and I liked his fight with Palpatine - but seeing this alternative end for him would have been great.

Really, I wish that Episode 1 had never happened - and that Attack of the Clones started the prequel trilogy. Then have a film with Clone Wars battles going on, and the end of the film is when Windu defeats Palpatine, Anakin intervenes but Windu escapes... and Anakin is defeated on Mustafar early in ROTS - and we get a full hour of Vader in suit killing Jedi like Windu in Episode 3, along with more "Empire" stuff.

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By Darth Kikinou
Fabulous customs, great diorama fodder!!!

Per Chewie's point, I disagree because then we'd never have met Qui-Gon Jinn or Darth Maul! Plenty you could do to fix ep1 (Jar Jar, annoying kid, etc) and ep2 could use a little work too (cast better actor for Anakin) but overall I like the story arc. It'd have been nice to get that live action series we were told about in the aftermath of ep3, I think that would have accomplished what you mentioned. But you're right, if we could have a seen a cybernetic vader taking on windu at the end of ep3 that'd have been great because ultimately if you think about it, insofar as the movie canon is concerned, Vader is nothing more than a bully who never picked on someone his own size. He just hides behind his stormtroopers and makes threats and chokes lowly imperial officers and when he takes on a pre-jedi luke he even gets nicked, then defeated by jedi luke. Windu would have made minced meat out of him. Even in the non-canon, in Force Unleashed, there's a figure of him that shows him totally messed up so although I don't know the full story I reckon he barely beat whoever he beat in that.

Back to your PN chewie, that's why I think it'd be cool for Vader to score an epic win against Kala, with no damage to himself. Just toy with him a bit, taunt him, and execute him just as easily as Sidious executes 3 of those 4 jedi who come to arrest him. Vader's accomplishments then would justify his reputation.

Or not, he could keep in character and seriously struggle to beat Kala, on the verge of losing when some stormies shoot Kala in the back. Tough call.

Yes, what I'm saying is that the handicapped Vader is a bullying p*ssy lol.
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