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Those are great customs, love the alf.... do you do a lot of re sculpting with these, and are you able to keep most of the articulation. They all look great and the parts fit superbly, the Cyclops alien is seemless.
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By YAK_Chewie
He's baaaaack! :)

It's great seeing more work from you Ernest Borgnine, you have a very unique style with your customizing that I find very enjoyable. Your creative side knows no bounds, and seeing one's imagination take hold and conjure up so many diverse customs is what really makes this part of the hobby so much fun for me.

Thanks for sharing, I dig all of these - especially Stella Star.

stroebel83 wrote:Those are great customs, love the alf.... do you do a lot of re sculpting with these, and are you able to keep most of the articulation. They all look great and the parts fit superbly, the Cyclops alien is seemless.

With the alf I just sculpted the neck to kind of blend the head and body together so it's really not much. I actually used another ewok's arm to press into the sculpy like a stamp to get the texture right. It's not perfect but I think it works OK. I wasn't able to keep any head articulation. I suppose I could have but I'm not a stickler for articulation. They all just stand on a shelf in the end. The cyclops only had four points of articulation anyway so I didn't lose anything there.
YAK_Chewie wrote:I dig all of these - especially Stella Star.

Good. That means that I can start working on David Hasselhoff's character from Starcrash then... :twisted:

Anyway, I'm glad that you guys liked them. I do have a few more to post so hopefully they'll go over as well.

Here are three smugglers that I made out of spare fodder that I needed to use up to make some room. I guess nothing to really write home about.
HEAD-Order 66 Master Sev
TORSO/ARMS-Some WWII figure. I don't remember which one.
LEGS-Indiana Jones
BELT-Star Trek
HEAD-It's Jango Fett. I couldn't tell you which one though.
TORSO-Indiana Jones
ARMS-It's a Prince Caspian figure of some kind
LEGS-René Belloq
FEET-Clone Trooper
HEAD-I think it's from a BBI figure.
TORSO/ARMS-Original Trilogy Collection Han Solo
LEGS-Monkey Man
I just noticed that he must have fallen off of the shelf at some point because some paint has scraped off of his hand. I'll have to fix that later I guess.

This guy is also just an excuse to get rid of parts.
HEAD-Some scuba figure.
BODY-Well it's a version of Dusty from G.I. Joe. I don't know which line it's from but I got it at a dollar store.
ARMS-Saga Legends Han Solo
LEGS-Terminator Salvation Marcus
Took a lot of dremeling and hot glue to get everything to fit together.

OK so the next one started as an experiment in mold making. When I was a kid I LOVED the Remco Mini Monsters and the Creature from the Black Lagoon would always be in the cantina in my sandbox fighting with Han Solo and Boba Fett. So for my birthday last year I splurged and got a complete set of Mini Monsters off of eBay and one of the first things that I wanted to do was cast the Creature for customs. Of course I don't want to just pull it apart and cast the pieces so I tried to build a wall out of clay around his neck and make a two part mold (I should have taken pictures I guess). It didn't really work out that well. There were a lot of imperfections in the mold. Anyway I think I learned some good lessons and when I can afford it I'm going to get some more mold making rubber and try again. I didn't just want to waste the cast however so I made this. I tried to paint the mistakes in the cast as scar tissue. I don't know if it comes out in the pictures very well.
HEAD/HANDS-Vintage Remco Mini Monster Creature
TORSO-Major Panno (I had to slice the bits off of his chest for two other customs and filled in the holes with sculpy
LEGS-Trinto Duaba
I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out even with all the mistakes.

This one I've had sitting around for a while and finally got around to finishing a few weeks ago. I suppose he's a bounty hunter
HEAD-G.I. Joe Nullifier cast
TORSO-Death Star Trooper
ARMS-Clone Wars Clone Trooper
LEGS-Saga Legends Plo Koon
BELT-Scout Trooper
ARMOR-Concept Rebel Trooper

OK, here's the last one.
Snoova. I had the old Shadows of the Empire figure sitting around forever and I couldn't think of what I could use it for. Finally I just decided on this. It took a lot of dremeling to hollow out that armor but I think that it works pretty well. I also wanted to try to tone down the 1990's XXXTREME! designs of the original so I didn't bother with the Bart Simpson hairdo or the weird belt. I had to redo all the straps with sculpy and I also had to extend the armor further down to his waist. Most of that is also sculpy with a little bit from Major Panno's chest glued on.

Well, let me know what you think and thanks for looking.
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By YAK_Chewie
More wonderful customs, I love them all - thanks for sharing more of your work. I find it very inspiring.

The Snoova is outstanding, but I think I like this guy the most out of this update:


The Nullifier head on that body really is striking, to me that's something that walked right out of a Star Wars film.

You have a very good eye for parts, color schemes and adding in oddball pieces that work out perfectly. And your weathering is really well done. I find myself scrolling through your pics a lot.

The backgrounds you use are really cool too. I think you answered this for me before, but just to be sure, are they foam cutouts that you painted?

Hey EB,

you posted some really great custom stuff.
Very detailed figures, great part choice and excellent paint jobs.
And the Snoova...P-E-R-F-E-C-T. If Hasbro is considering releasing a new Chewbacca Bounty Hunter they should ask you for help.
Great work EB.
Man I am blown away. I love the variety in your customs. Your parts mix and paint aps make that old fodder look better than new again. Hard to pick a fave as I love the random aleins but man that Snoova is AWESOME!
I lov the paint work detail in all these figures .

The background walls are very nicely detailed as well .

All the figures also have a great mixture of parts from
different toy lines and blend together very well .
Wow, you have some really inventive and outstanding customs here, Ernest! The Star Wars ones are awesome, I love Snoova, but I really dig some of your non-Star Wars stuff, too! Your Buck Rogers one (forget her name!) is simple, but very effective, Stella Star is great (and not just a little bit sexy! :wink: ) and I absolutely adore Davros, great use of the Palpatine head!!! Really great work here indeed!
Thanks everyone. I feel a little embaresed with all the compliments. :oops: Somebody please say something mean.

YAK_Chewie wrote:The backgrounds you use are really cool too. I think you answered this for me before, but just to be sure, are they foam cutouts that you painted?

Yeah, "Foamies" I think they are called. You can get it in varying thicknesses and it's a lot easier to cut than foamcore. You can also get it with a sticky back so what I have been doing is getting some thick stuff for a base and then getting the sticky stuff and just cutting it with scissors in the shapes that I want. Then I just stick them on there. You have to seal them before you paint them however and I'm using "Delta Ceramcoat All Purpose Sealerâ„¢". The foamies will suck up a lot of paint so the sealer saves paint and time. Later this week I'll try to take some pictures of my little display shelves to show them off when they are full of figures.

LT BRYLL wrote:All the figures also have a great mixture of parts from
different toy lines

At some point I'd like to be able to cast these things and offer them up in trade. I'm out of money right now otherwise I would be trying to do it right now. It's been so hard to find figures to work with I thought that this would be the only way to get new parts.
Maybe it'll be easier when the new line starts. I've still only seen one figure from the New Hope wave and I didn't see that in the city where I live.

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