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Pretty cool Quarren, reminds me of the single one Quarren custom I made quite a while ago.

That Republic Soldier is great. Very cool mods to the helmet and the accessories really complete this soldier. Cool colour for his outfit too.
great customs in all. really amazing. I love the republic soldier a lot, he looks simple but looks perfect for that time period. I love darkhorse comics and this guys seems to fit the entire fell for the series
Hey Virunga.

Glad to see you posting again.

I made an Exar Kun some time ago as well but went a completely different route using a GI Joe R.O.C. McCullen and some other Star Wars parts. I thought that Hasbro did not do a great job with their comic pack Exar Kun but seeing your changes on that figure
I think it rocks. By the way, great paint job.

Hope to see you posting new stuff quite soon!
By tokiravensky
Wow, those are awesome! I to don't know where to begin. I really like your mara jade, it looks simple enough but I never thought of doing it that way. Your with are amazing, its like looking at star wars with history time line. You've got excellent skills, keep it up!
Hey guys whats up. Decided to renovate and fill out my Sith Lords; check it out.

I felt like Marka Ragnos' absence was really felt in the collection, so I needed to fill that gap. I used the following art as a guide.
381505_1283884313_submedium by virungadarth, on Flickr

I'm pretty happy with the result. I definitely wanted him to look a little different in order to break up the parade of black robes and armor, as well as to fit the whole "Golden Age of the Sith" feel.
photo 2 by virungadarth, on Flickr
photo 3 by virungadarth, on Flickr
photo 4(4) by virungadarth, on Flickr
photo 2(4) by virungadarth, on Flickr

Head and Hands: Thor Frost Giant w/ a buncha sculpy
Body and arms: Gandalf
Armor: Vader's Secret apprentice and Darth Maleval, w/ chains and sculpy
Staff: sculpy

This is my old Naga Sadow, which I really felt was lacking:
SithCustoms231 by virungadarth, on Flickr

The new one is a lot cooler, I think:
photo 4(1) by virungadarth, on Flickr
photo 2(1) by virungadarth, on Flickr
photo 3(1) by virungadarth, on Flickr

I used this color scheme as a bit of a guide:
NagaSadow_OmniTOTJ1 by virungadarth, on Flickr

I'm pretty happy with how his Sauron-eye breastplate came out.
Head: Rahm Kota
helmet: Baron Papanoida and utapau soldier belt buckle, with Narnia King Miraz's arm guards
Breastplate- Darth Maleval
Arms- Cairo swordsman
Hands- some droid (I thought the texture would be great for those weird rings Naga Sadow wears)
belt- Narnia king miraz
Legs- ugha warrior and senate guard. I had to smooth down and sculpt over the cloth on the lower legs so it looked like just armor on skin
feet- cairo swordsman

Here they are together:
photo 5 by virungadarth, on Flickr

The other big hole in my Sith lineage was the SWTOR Sith Emperor. I guess he hops from host body to host body, so i designed my figure based off of the host body in the "Blood of the Empire" comic:
emp by virungadarth, on Flickr
I decided to to this because I thought it was really cool to have a Sith all in white, and because there's nothing particularly interesting about the in-game appearance (just more black armor and robes). Plus i thought the eerily young, manicured-eyebrow, spooky-voice schpeil gave off a cool King Xerxes-ish vibe.

Anyway, here he is:
photo 2(2) by virungadarth, on Flickr
photo 1(2) by virungadarth, on Flickr
photo 3(2) by virungadarth, on Flickr

I've taken a few shots at Darth Ruin (I think the old ones should still be in this thread), but I think I'm finally happy with him:
photo 2(3) by virungadarth, on Flickr
DarthRuin-EGF by virungadarth, on Flickr
Recipe is basically unchanged, sculpted a bit more of his head-dress and used some other robes.

Darth Tenebrous, Sidious' grandmaster and Vader's great-grandmaster, was actually pretty fun to make:
photo 4(3) by virungadarth, on Flickr
photo 5(3) by virungadarth, on Flickr

I think I made him look a bit cooler than his official art, while keeping the same idea:
DarthTenebrous-SWI130 by virungadarth, on Flickr

Then just a couple of quick fixes like repaints and giving Malak bigger boots and stuff. Along these lines, I gave Darth Traya the head from the new Aurra Sing, because with an ink was it appears much more drawn and old than the Asajj head I had on her before. I also gave her a new torso and a repaint

Old Traya:
SithCustoms030 by virungadarth, on Flickr

New Traya:
photo 1 by virungadarth, on Flickr

One last thing, I modified a kitbashed Sith I had done a while ago to represent my SWTOR character, and I think he looks pretty neat:
photo 5(2) by virungadarth, on Flickr

Dark Side chillin' every single day, man
photo 1(4) by virungadarth, on Flickr
You new additions look spectacular! It's nice to see how much better you've become over time with your updates on earlier renditions of characters. (The original versions were quite good themselves and your updates are even better!)

Teen routs is definitely my favorite of the new updates. That is a fantastic torso to use; was that a GIJoe Iron Grenadier figure?
It's really nice to see a new update from you.

Ragnos - This is just outstanding and a true work of art, and the new Naga Sadow is breathtaking! The "eye" on his chest looks so sinister, the paint is so well blended!

Sith Emperor - Very interesting, I'm not familiar with this character but it's certainly cool - and different! A Sith in white is pretty cool and I like what you did here. Great painting - making white look right isn't easy! Excellent!

Darth Ruin - This is my favorite of the bunch. It's just amazing. I am really taken back by the various parts you used here, and the oveall look of the character. Just a truly fun to look at figure. Wow.

Darth Tenebrous - I always felt this character looks a bit silly. A Sith Bith! Ha Ha. Still cool though, and your execution is flawless.

Darth Traya - What a difference between your before and after versions! I love how the hood lays some naturally over here eyes on yoru new version. Damn, that's nicely done.

Thanks for the kind words everyone. Jedimerc, yes thats the iron grenadier torso. Now i want to do a Dark Underlord and a King Adad to fill out the Dark Lords lineage, but the latter will probably need a buncha sculpting and stuff. Maybe in a few more years...
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