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By julianmaurice
Hi folks, this is my latest custom. It used to be a Stormhawks Ship and with a little modification has become the personal Starfighter of a notorious Black Sun Vigo by the name of "Preeto Prenka"...
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Great work Julian...I kick myself for not buying some of these when they were available on store shelves. I've seen several different vehicles turned into great Star Wars customs from the Stormhawks line but this one is aces!
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By julianmaurice

These guys began appearing on the streets of Curuscant just after Palpatine took power...Rounding up unwanted aliens, political activists, enemies of the state and anyone else that they didn't like.

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By Darth Creatine
Jules, Jules, Jules,... Man oh Man oh Man.....

I was a little sceptical when I first saw the red n the second picture left side clone...Then I looked at it again (Sorry was distracted by my TV) then I was like woah wait a minute....

Those look great and I am sorry I doubted them for the .00012 milliseconds I did......

Love your work and the clones are great. Where did you get the Coruscant (Looking) backgrounds and vehicles. I buy ALOT of figures (Or use to) of all lines. I never EVER payed attention to any lines vehicles they are WAY to expensive to collect on top of the figures for everywave of every line lol.

Nice customs, got anything else on the workbench thats soon upcoming? If so I am gonna keep checking this forum alot to see your work. I will be following you. Nice job. Love the pics and work you did.

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By Paulskywalker
The master of creating an image as always, Julian. aND Those Clones are amazing, it's the little details like the scratches on the armour that make them brilliant. They also remind me of the Blood Angels from WK40?
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