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By Mungo Baobab
Ken-Ji Jessac was a male Iktotchi Jedi Master during the Clone Wars and the final days of the Republic. During one of Chancellor Palpatine’s rare visits to the sight of a previous battle, the Separatists Army made a bold move to attack the Republic camp while the Chancellor was there. Palpatine would have been killed by a kamikaze droid had Ken-Ji not protected the Chancellor. Ken-Ji was struck by the ship and the bones from his elbows to his toes were completely crushed. Palpatine, even though he secretly had the dark side of the force as his ally, was completely surprised by the attack and was profoundly impressed with Jessac’s selflessness. Ken-Ji was returned to Coruscant for medical treatment. In and out of consciousness, he found himself in the care of the Chancellor’s personal medical staff. When he finally fully awoke, he found that his limbs were no longer in pain, but fully functional. Palpatine saw to it that the latest technology was used to rebuild this young Iktotchi. Secretly hoping to turn Jessac to the dark side, the Chancellor asked for only one thing in return from Ken-Ji, Jessac would become his secret weapon. Ken-Ji Jessac would be a covert, non-existent, operative. He would follow the Chancellor’s orders with no questions. Unfortunate accidents, sudden explosions, assassinations and gathering information would be his new way of life. Ken-Ji agreed and was pronounced dead. Jessac secretly and faithfully served the Chancellor for nearly six months. When Order 66 was issued, Ken-Ji contacted Palpatine privately. Both of them came to an agreement, the only one Palpatine ever truly kept with a Jedi, that since Jessac was officially dead, he would never be hunted. Ken-Ji Jessac exiled himself to a sparsely inhabited jungle moon in the outer rim and lived there the rest of his life.

Ken-Ji Jessac
Species: Iktotchi
Height: 2 Meters
Eye Color: Yellow/Grey
Era: Rise of the Empire
Weapons: Lightsaber (blue), Connecting Vibroblades
Prosthetics: Right arm and left arm from elbow to wrist. Right and left hand. Right and left leg. Five ribs.
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By Mungo Baobab
Two more pictures of Jessac.
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By Mungo Baobab
I finally found something better that rubber bands for Cade's wrist wrapping. Let me know what you think.

I think this just looks better and will last longer.
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By Mungo Baobab
This is a guy that was inspired by Cade's trench coat. There was very little work involved; a simple arm swap and the adding the accessories. I like how it turned out, but I am not certain to which era he should be assigned. I thought up a post Order 66 idea, but then the thought hit me “not everyone can survive Order 66." I have been leaning toward either the Legacy era or The Old Republic. Any suggestions?

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By Mungo Baobab
This is my vision of Darth Bane set sometime between The Rule of Two and Dynasty of Evil. This is after Bane was free of the orbalisks and cured of their poison. I also like Bane with a purple lightsaber. It shows his distinctiveness among the other so-called Sith of his time.

A solid quality figure of Darth Bane has yet to be provided for fans & collectors. This one isn’t perfect, I know, but more realistic and articulate than the Sith Evolutions version, IMHO.

What’s your opinion? How did I do?

If anyone has a custom Bane they would like to share, feel free to post a pic in your response. I would like to see it.

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By Mungo Baobab
I have a well articulated Count Dooku body and an unmasked Storm Shadow head that fits the neck pretty well, but I having a bit of trouble coming up with an idea for that combination. Does anyone have any suggestions. I like the simple stuff, however, throw me some ideas.

On a different note, I will be posting some new customs soon.
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By stormforce customs
I love seeing custom jedi and i love the combo of the POP and Cades coat its a nice fit great work an i look forward to more
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By YAK_Chewie
Awesome work Mungo, I am really taken back by how cool these customs look with your crafted leather/soft goods. Quite often when people go that route (including Hasbro), the end result is the figures look bulky and unrealistic. But you're pulling it off flawlessly!

Love the Bane too, I think it's outstanding. The Jedi really looks like a KOTOR era character to me, I might have to copy this recipe, it's very cool. Ken-Ji Jessac really looks fantastic as well - that's a very cool design and awesome execution.

By Mungo Baobab
This is one of my new customs and the first time I have even tried washing. Let me know what you think.

The Story:

Jedi Master Logan Drover was stationed on the forest moon Quint during the Clone Wars. Quint orbited the 4th planet of the Chandrila System, a gas giant named Quenus. Quenus was located within the region of core-worlds. Master Drover was in command of a small Jedi militia which guarded supply station Epsilon Six for the Republic. Their location was highly classified until a Separatist group, stationed on the third moon of Asimuse, another gas giant in the same system, intercepted an incoming Republic transmission. Now exposed, the station was subject to constant separatist attack. The Republic never fortified the station with clone troopers and Master Drover’s team kept the station defended for the Republic right up until Order 66 was issued. When the news came over the holonet, Drover and the others quickly left the station. The Empire classified Master Drover and the other Jedi as MIA, however, the small group escaped and roamed the outer rim, working odd jobs, smuggling, gambling, and even collecting bounties.

Let me know what you think.

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By Mungo Baobab
Jedi Knight Lee Sha-Dow was stationed at Republic Station Epsilon Six with Master Logan Drover. Lee Sha-Dow's left arm is a prosthetic. He lost his arm in an attack on the station. Even with one arm, Lee and the station's medical droid designed and built the prosthetic from whatever they could scavenge from droids destroyed in battle. Sha-Dow wears a black glove on the prothesis.

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By Mungo Baobab
I apologize for the lack of recent custom posts. My wife and I have a member of the family who is sick and "becoming one with the force" is imminent. A tough time for us all, however, there is a very strong sense of peace with the one soon to pass and the rest of of the family. Anyway. Hope to be posting again soon.
By Mungo Baobab
This is a new Kel Dor jedi named Master Sur Coe Nala. Master Nala lost both legs during an early battle of the Clone Wars.
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By Mungo Baobab
OK, I had some pieces that I wasn't sure what to do with so I decided to throw them together for a custom. As I was putting the figure together a familiar backstory developed. Master Giiett's face was burned and disfigured so badly in a crash that even the best plastic surgeons and a cruiser full of bacta couldn't repair the loss. Not only was his face disfigured, but his tounge was so badly burned it had to be removed. Even his vocal chords were destroyed from breathing the heated air. However, Master Giiett saved 20 clones, one by one, even though he was in terrible pain from his own wounds. Master Giiett would never show his face again, nor speak a word, but still served in the Clone Wars. He was stationed with Master Logan Drover.

If anyone knows anything about G.I. Joe, this story I came up with is very similar to that of "Snake Eyes."

Let me know what you think of my fodder made Jedi.

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