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By Peakob1
Hello Everyone
Hope you have been enjoying all the goodies I have been throwing out, as you know I'm a droids fan, a fordo fan and I am most certainly a Clone wars fan both currant and micro series. I'm going to be taking a bit of a break at customizing for a little while because my parts are starting to run low and with the resent news that Hasbro will be raising there prices i cant buy to many extras and the selection is kind of slim pickings right now, but those of you who are fans of my customs fear not, i will be back before long dropping some new customs for all to behold.

So here is the most resent custom i have done, another one of those "wish I had him so I just thought I would make him kind of situation"


For those who might not be familiar with him He is the droid wizard on I-ego that helps Anakin and OB1 in the episode mystery of a thousand moons.... i'm also including one of his re-purposed battle droids.

Take care all
Hey everyone I recently acquired a excellent digital camera so hopefully I will be able to send some pictures over to the forums of the many customs I have done in the past. Like I have explained in many forums I 'm an open collector and I try to customize my entire collection to make it personalized to me.

So here goes my first custom I will send is none other then Yakface him self

This is a custom I did back in 2006


I will send some more overthe weekend so... Enjoy! :D
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By Peakob1
General Grievous is my favorite character from the Clone wars and the prequel era for that matter.
I had a lot of trouble with this guy always falling over so I decided to make some additional articulation to is legs
I have 2 versions of him the first is what I call my action general with 22 points of articulation and fulling transforming arms like the legacy version.
The second is grievous with super wrist articulation, this one is closer to what they just came out with, though I heard it might have trouble standing also.If anyone out there is dying to know how to get him to stand I will let you in on a little secret, it's called the "General Grievous Key chain"Both the feet and the head are larger more accurate to what he should look like.
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By Squirepec7
That greivous is awesome. I WANT 1. hehe seriously though great job.
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By julianmaurice
Both customs are fantastic, Grevious looks like a much larger scale figure as you've got the detailing just right. One of the best I've seen.
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By Peakob1
Here are some customs I have been working on lately. I hope we see some kind of death squad commander at some point in the collection
Like I said to some of my friends over at JD who knows what kenner was thinking when they made this guy
Weather or not it's movie accurate this is what I imagine my DSC would look like.
I removed the badge because both the source material and the vintage card back had him without one, but I bet he never had big black gloves either. With a few other embellishments of my own this is what I came up with. I also gave him an antenna on his helmet and a back headphone wire that connects to is belt. all the wires the helmet and the mouth com are removable.


The Tarkin is really easy to make, I added a few more additions to his badge repainted him and used an old POTF2 head dremmled out to fit the Needa body

hopefully we get a New hope tarkin soon. I would love to have one in the vintage collection.
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By stormforce customs
Nice work man ! Your paints are so realistic great stuff.
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By Peakob1
Yeah those are called Citadel Color
I think they are the paints you use on those Warhammer mini figures
I have not used anything else since I got my hands on some of these
they look like little trash cans clear plastic with a black lids. :lol:
By Darth Phantom
Hey Peakob1,

I can only join the people who have given you praise for your great work:
Excellent paint jobs, especially the facial details of your custom figures shown are extraordinarily nice.
Really love the Tarkin you made. Looks like P. Cushing, the actor in the very first SW movie.
Hasbro should consider your work when making new versions of those characters. Kudos!
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By Peakob1
Wow that's a very nice honor to say! I appreciate it. :D
Being a customizer though some times it funny because I feel like Hasbro snuck in into my house in the middle of the night
and put a microphone somewhere stealing all the ideas I have for new customs and new toy product ideas in general. I would love to work for them if you have any ties?

I laugh around this time because when all the new figures come out for the year, I decide which figures have to be retired not just from redo's that the big H does but the customs I do as well. Those grev's I just posted wont be going anywhere even though I will get a bunch of the new version coming out just because I'm a fan of the Good General! :P
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By Peakob1
Here's what I'm taking about...
I was so darn happy when Hasbro brought Paploo back out but used one of the smaller bodies to make him, so before I go on I want to say THANKS hasbro for making such an awesome Paploo! BUT... He was just OK and not perfect in my book.
Here is my version of the new Pap with a larger body and some added feathers and paint to make him just a little more awesome being my favorite of all the ewoks I feel like I nailed it. I also Have a comparison photo


I'm sure I will be retiring my SA version of wicket when the new version comes out this year too! :P
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