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By DarthDaddy
Darth Daddy here,

Just started a new Star Wars customizing blog with my 6 year old and wanted to share the blog with a forum full of Star Wars customizing fans.

Our new blog will showcase the customs we've made so far and some customs made by other artists that we picked up along the way. We'll try and provide you with some links to these talented artists in case you want to get some of their customs for your own and I will give you some tips on customizing for those of you who are just starting out. I only just started customizing so don't expect much, but I hope our presentation makes up for the lack of experience.

Here's the link:



Hope to see you there. Follow us if you like what you see and spread the word.

Thanks again,

DarthDaddy :mrgreen:
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By DarthDaddy


Human Jedi




Selkath Jedi


Wookie Jedi

Chagrian Jedi

Quinlan Vos



Star Wars Pirates
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By DarthDaddy
He definitely does. We acquired some more Jackoftradze customs since the last post we did on him, so we may have to do another Customizer Spotlight on him down the road to show the new customs we got since then. Keep an eye out. I'll post on here when it happens. I have a lot of posts coming down the road. I made a bunch of new customs that I haven't displayed yet and I have several other great artists and customs in our collection I need to get to first, but I'm eager to get some of his new stuff up on display.
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By DarthDaddy
Hey thank you both for the positive feedback on our site. Especially about the "CRAZY HERMIT". I wasn't sure about him initially, but I'm feeling better about him now.

"R2-Bertie" or "Goliath" as we like to call him here at home will be posted as soon as I get the go from PACK RAT STUDIOS. I don't like to do a post on artist's work until I get the go from them. Even if it's from our personal collection. I hope I get the approval soon though because I'm eager to get that action figure posted. It's my favorite droid hands down. I'm going to attempt to contact PACK RAT STUDIOS again before I go to bed and see what I can do.

Keep visiting.
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