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We are starting a new 2015 Secret Santa Christmas Customs Exchange - basically what you do is reply to this thread with your username and say "I'm in" for this and include your primary email address.


There is one caveat - you must have been a registered forum member prior to September 1, 2015 to be eligible. We do not want to risk anyone signing up for this just to get a free custom from another forum member and not fulfill their end of the deal.

If interested, please email me at PM with the following information:

Subject - Secret Santa
Yakface Forums Username
Your Real Name
Your Mailing Address

Then in mid October, 2015, you will be contacted via PM with the information of another Yakface forum member who is also participating. You will make a custom figure for that person and mail it to them in time for Christmas.

Thank you, and for those involved I will let everyone know who their "Secret Santa" is in early October. And note, the deadline to sign up will be 11:59 PM CST, Oct 13th.


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