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Hi, everybody, my name is Ivo and I've been trying to improve my figures in different ways ever since the Vintage era. Because of the fact that where I live (Bulgaria) Star Wars merchandise has always been scarce and I don't have extras of figures, I mainly resculpt parts of them, repaint and change in some other way them. Although lately I started to buy some just for customising :)
English is not my native language, so please excuse me if I don't express well.
So to begin with, my take on TVC C-3PO and R2-D2 - the best sculpts by far IMO.
Threepio was made taller with some hot glue inside (saw the recipe somewhere on the forums), the leg and face panels were glued on, the photoreceptors were resculpted, then I painted him with a better gold-ish colour. Then some weathering with acrylics and I sculpted over a micromagnite a restraining bolt. There's a magnet inside his chest on the other side of the panel, so the bolt is removable.
Artoo has a modified "eye" - I dremelled out the old one and fitted bigger from a metal semisphere I had, then painted it with gloss paint. I also didn't like that the middle leg should be extended if you want all panels on the top closed, so I sculpted a little panel with a magnet inside (so I can lift it easily, should I decide to put in the periscope) and now he can look just like in ANH. And weathered him, of course :)



And here's a little shine courtesy of Photobucket :)

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By YAK_Chewie
I always thought the TVC C-3PO was terrible - but seeing this, it looks amazing! I realize you did some resculpting too but the paint job is what really makes this pop for me.

Also I recall reading something on the hot glue method, but I can't recall what it was. Can you share the details on that for us?

It's quite stunning what an amazing paint job like this can do. Very well done! Oh, and R2 looks great too. I like the subtle weathering/etc. a lot.

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By JediMerc
These are outstanding! The paint job you've done is tremendous: 3PO looks perfect. The gold paint that Hasbro used was awful.
R2's weathering is perfectly subtle as well, with just enough to show that used look. Nice touch tossing his central optical "eye" as well.

I'm interested in how you inserted/worked the magnets into the you have any photos to show how you accomplished this?
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By Evilivo
Thanks for the kind words, guys :)
The gold paint was kind of made by myself, using a very fine gold powder (for colouring polymer clay Fimo) mixed with transparent gloss varnish. It's not like vacuum-metalized figures, but gives shiny, yet worn out look. And it stays well on the figure without chipping.
Chewie, I know your sentiments go with the BAD 3PO mold, and I've read a lot of controversial opinions about the TVC Threepio, but the real problem with TVC were really the eyes and the paint - the sculpt is excellent. As for the hot glue - it's like your fix for the TVC Phase 2 Clone trooper helmets - you disassemble at the waist, put some hot glue in the upper (chest) part and quickly connect again - as a result the chest sits a few millimetres higher. I hope I explained it well, I think I read it in the Rebelscum forums...
JediMerc, I don't have pics of the process of inserting the magnets. On Threepio I removed the chest panel, drilled a little hole in the chest and pushed the micro magnet inside. The restraining bolt was just sculpted over the other magnet with Aves Fixit (as was the upper panel for Artoo's head). Then I closed the chest panel and the bolt stayed like a charm :) When I sculpt the other bolt, for Artoo, I'll try to take some WIP pics.
By babylon

that's a lot of work you did and it shows!

Hasbro's black series of 6 inch figures doesn't look half as good as your 3 3/4 inch custom mods here.

Outstanding job!
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By Evilivo
Thanks again :)
This one I disliked at first, looked very bland and toy-like to me with his soft goods skirt. I removed it, washed him with a "Games Workshop" paint called "Flesh wash", which gives this wet look and made a new "skirt" from real leather, which I dampened first, so it wrapped very naturally around the figure. When dry, it remains in shape, allowing for leg movement. Much more menacing and real now, I think :)


Thanks babylon, darthmac and hyperdrive. Here are two more:
Po Nudo - just a repaint, but it sure brings the good sculpt to live. Dark wash on the head, repainted "tusks", dry-brushed "armour".


TVC Gamorrean Guard - I was very happy to score two of them at retail here in Bulgaria. A lot of people did the trim and hairspray treatment to the fur and so did I :) I also gave him a dark wash to bring out the wrinkles, dry-brushed the axe and armour and put magnets in his head and helmet so it doesn't fall of constantly.



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