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Yep, 3PO was the first to be "restrained" :)
The next is an obligatory custom - TLC Obi-Wan with the head from the Movie Heroes line. Took me a while to get a hold of that head! There was some work needed untill it fitted. I repainted the pants since they were the wrong colour and replaced the soft goods lower tunic with hand-sewn one. Some guys used the Ep2 Obi-Wan for that custom, because he has ball-jointed hips, but he seems a bit bulkier for a padawan :) Maybe down the road Hasbro will make the perfect kitbash themselves.



Fantastic job on that Obi Wan. I agree that the hips from the AOTC Kenobi are a little too wide but your work makes for a just about perfect version. By the way, Episode 1 Kenobi is my favorite character and I'm always interested in seeing what can be done with him.
And here's a quick fix for TVC Aurra Sing - removed the ugly plastic antenna and put one made from metal pin. The make-up has been repainted and the briefcase with the lightsabers was given more used look. I may later replace the plastic gun sling with leather (I did this with the animated one). Also I would like her to be with articulated ankles, although I like the folds on her boots as they are now...

Thanks again... The only reason to enhance the articulation of Aurra is that on my figure one of the legs is ever so slightly shorter and it's a real pain to pose her. Also the dynamic poses are harder to achieve.
And to continue the trend for red clad villainesses, here is my improvement of Hasbro's Sith Witch. I didn't like the too uniform red and I saw Stronox do something similar. I washed with black all the folds and wrinkles to bring the detail and painted her "socks" and upper legs black to make some contrast. I like how the feathers on her back are much more interesting now :)

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I don't have the new Black Series Wookie in hand, but it looks a cool base for customizing. But it definitely isn't Meru Meru to me - the "face" is not there, nor are the colors. I'm especially irritated at how big the helmet looks on his head - they could do it with the Sneak Preview Wookie and not now?!
Anyway, this reminded me of an old custom of mine, because I didn't like a lot the way Tarfful was made. I had spare and sculpted a closed mouth, trimmed his dreadlocks, sculpted a fitting helmet and the hand shield. Then repainted him slightly. The crossbow is slightly modified to get rid of the action feature.
And voila - another Wookie Chieftain :)




Thanks for the Front page and for the nice words :)
Remster_9, I can make a short step by step tutorial about making a helmet like that, but it's nothing too fancy - I just sculpted with polymer clay over the head (which is conveniently shaped like a cone, more or less). I might have used some releasing agent (Vaseline) so the clay won't stick to the figure (it was a few years ago). Or you can wrap the head tight in aluminium foil and sculpt on top of it, then remove and bake. Or if you use Aves, there's no need for baking :) Feel free to ask me more questions, so I can be more precise.
Wow, I wasn't aware that you already wrote the feature - I went numb for a moment :D My ego is floating up in the sky! Thanks for the wonderful presentation of my customizing work and please keep up with this great blog - it is very informative and promotes the hobby in the best of ways :) Thanks once more... Oh, and I really enjoyed the background music :wink:
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