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That's an intriguing idea, Yak. I think that could still work, as a TV movie if nothing else. Or perhaps that story line being ongoing as part of a series based on Endor, with continuing stories intertwined between ewoks, duloks, teeks, and the off-worlders. Maybe, deep in the forest somewhere, there is still an aged Imperial battalion that the Rebels didn't find after the Death Star destruction, camping out and hunting the locals. There are many possibilities for an ongoing series. Or a photo-novel (I don't have time.)

Anyway, I don't think the Ewoks really survived long after the big Death Star bang, based on physical science. The massive explosion itself could have altered the orbit of Endor, causing great climate changes very rapidly. Fiery pieces of the Death Star would have rained down for years, plus the inevitable radiation from the core destruction. I see the Endor forests burn as the planet goes cold, flora and fauna choking in the smoke, debris and fallout, and carnage everywhere. Everything burns, then freezes as the atmosphere blocks out the sun. No more celebrations at Bright Tree Village, no more fun taunting duloks, and Wicket never gets any.

But that wouldn't make for a very fun series.
Very well done and interesting custom! Always nice to have a variety among the Ewoks. Did you use a Wicket hood for the backpack? And did you resculpt Nippet's hands?
Thanks all!

Evilivo- The backpack was Kneesaa's pink hood, that I shrunk with heat and reworked the cut edge. A lot of soft vinyls or plastics shrink when baked. The wokling was cast from Nippet. The lower face was re-sculpted, along with the remaining body and arms that show, and blended into the hands from the casting. The Ewok face was also my sculpt.
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