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Well, I cant remember the last time I posted a Star Wars Customs. I'm not even sure you will remember me. :)

Black Series 6" Han & Luke Trooper Disguise


Han's head is Hydroshrunk Sideshow head with Black Series Luke head & Sandtrooper bodies.
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Thanks for the comments guys.
Chewie, I hadn't stopped customizing, I just have not been doing any star wars related stuff till now, with the exception of a couple commissions over the years.
Pretty much everything is on my Facebook page or on my Webstore posts. ... 8759323912 - facebook page - webstore

Dj121, Hydroshrink. (aka Hydrospan100) Make a mold of the original, make a cast with the hydroshrink & water mixture. As the water evaporates, the cast shrinks. Make a mold of the shrunken cast and then plastic casts of the new size.
Google it and you will find youtube vids as well as instructional vids on their website.
Wow, you are quick :) I'm not even remotely close to getting these 6 inch figures. Great idea and well done, something Hasbro should be planning too. Can you post additional images with more natural light?
Kick. ASS.

I figured you fell into the pit of career and family, Glassman! Good to see you still step into the SW universe once in a while. I'm glad you shrunk the heads. It's a HUGE pet peeve of mine that all character heads are about... I don't know, maybe 15% to 20% too large. I thought I was the only weird one with that hangup.

Good to see you're still alive and kicking.

Following up with more Black Series goodies.

6" Boba Fett heads with Removable helmet.


This is an enlarged version of the 3 3/4" Hasbro head. Here is a comparison.


I also made the Range finder able to rotate


I did the same for the Sandtrooper.


And who I also made one for good ole Jeremy.


I had also made Removable helmets for these guys, just forgot to update my post.



Here is an unpainted cast and the finished painted version.

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