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By Tango001
How do you guys separate head, arms and legs on figures without breaking or damaging them?
By Tango001
BUMP! Anyone?
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By The Professor
I moved this topic, so I hope you get a response!
By my kind of scum
You'll get a few different responses, I'm sure, but I prefer to dip the figure into boiling water for a very short time and then pull, making sure to keep the pressure exactly on the joint you want to separate.

The heads of most of the modern stuff pop off without even boiling.
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By YAK_Chewie
Yep, the boil-n-pop method works best for me.

However, it's not so easy with vintage figures, and most pre-2002 Star Wars figures in general. That's because back then, Kenner/Hasbro used a different type of plastic on the torsos... basically, those torsos won't soften with the boil method. Most new figures have soft torsos though, which makes popping the parts out a lot easier.

By Tango001
Thanks Professor
also scum and chew, I thought that was the best way but I have never purposely removed a body part. I didn't know if the high temp would cause the paint to peel or deform the plastic. Thanks again.
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