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Hey guys, after nearly a decade of customs here, I am starting a new thread. My old thread can be found HERE.

Some of you may have noticed that most of my older pics are no longer showing. There's an issue with our hosting and to try and get all of those back would take hours upon hours of time. I may eventually go back and do that, but for now, I'm starting fresh. What I definitely WILL do is snap new pics of some older customs. But for now, a few new things.

Random Alien - I bought this guy at a store called V-Stock, he had been sitting there FOREVER... so I decided he was a prime candidate for the current Yakfinities (pegwarmers).


everything - Green Lantern 5POA figure

Female Rebel Officer - Like many other people have seen, Torynn Farr had a bit of a pegwarming problem... I grabbed one on clearance at Target, and came up with this for the current Yakfinities (pegwarmers).


head - TAC Juno Eclipse
helmet - POTJ Snow Gear Obi Wan Kenobi
vest - GI JOE Cover Girl
rest - TBS Torynn Farr

Thug Guard - Parts I assembled for a random guard... maybe he guards a Hutt somewhere?


head - Legacy Bane Malar
torso - Hellboy figure
arms - TVC Bom Vimdin
hands - Starkiller (Raxus Prime)
straps - TBS Starkiller
legs - TVC Weequay

BR-KN1 - This old droid has seen his better days. I'll probably use him in a photonovel somewhere down the line.


head - TAC 4-LOM
torso - TAC CZ-7
right arm - VOTC C-3PO
left arm - TAC CZ-7/Star Tours Captain Rex
crotch - BAD protocol droid
legs - BAD protocol droid

By my kind of scum
Love these new ones, as always. Your work is top notch!

I particularly love that thug. Such a cool collection of parts that really works well together.
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By JediMerc
Sorry to see your older pics go, but these provide a great start to a new thread!

I really like the paint work on that GL alien (1st image): weird, but still looks like it could be SW. Also really liking the Hutt (?) thug; definitely looks the part...
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By YAK_Chewie
Thanks my friends for the feedback. :)

I've got a few more customs to go ahead and share. Some of these are older, with the server issue I'll continue to update this thread with new pics of older customs (and new stuff of course).

Heavy Imperial Trooper - I don't believe I shared this one before. I made him a few months back. He'll show up in my next photonovel chapter.


head - Legends 5POA AT-AT Driver
torso - TFU Heavy Trooper
arms - VOTC Stormtrooper
thighs - TFU Heavy Trooper
shins - VOTC Biker Scout

Abyssian Berserker - Pretty sure I showed this one before, I made him a while back.


head - POTC Myo
hands - fodder bin
rest - Hobbit Orc

Imperial Field Commander - Pretty sure I showed this one before, I made him a while back.


head - Legends 5POA Stormtrooper
rest - TVC Commander Fordo

Freelo - One of the main characters in The Enloe Trials photonovel series


head - Legacy Mon Calamari Warrior
torso - Rahm Kola Militia
arms - TVC Endor Rebel
hands - Legacy Mon Calamari Warrior
legs - TAC A-Wing Pilot
gear - GI JOE Sci Fi, TBS Galen Marek

Traedon Cusiro - One of the main characters in The Enloe Trials photonovel series


head - Legacy Hoth Rebel
cloth - fodder bin
arms - TVC Bom Vimdin
rest - Comic Pack Rolan Dyre

Krulos - Fan-fic alien showing up from Eternia!


head - custom cast off eBay
hands - ROTS Meena Tills
scarf - TAC Elis Helrot
rest - TVC Nikto Jedi

Stormtroopers - For the Enloe Trials Photonovel series, repainted to look more gritty


everything - TVC Sandtrooper

Great pics and a very cool background, bust most of all I like the way you create new troopers from existing parts - the first one is something I'd buy instantly if I see it on the pegs, looks right out of a Star Wars movie or game :) Traedon Cusiro is also a very well made figure, very impressive.
Ok, a few more recent customs.

Slyth Yigloo- Ugly alien for various dioramas.


head - Wioslea
hands - TVC Nikto Jedi
rest - TAC Po Nudo

Pomme Tagatril - Scavenger who roams the outskirts of Mos Eisley for salvage.


head - SAGA Tusken child
hood - TVC Sandstorm Leia
mesh - DFT Tusken Raider
torso - fodder bin
arms - fodder bin
hands - TVC Endor Rebel
tunic - fodder bin
legs - Early Bird Luke

Cage Face- Thug/guard that my son designed; he put the parts together and I did the painting.


head - Comic Pack Shared Hett
hat - TVC Wooof
mask - GI JOE figure
torso - TVC Vizam
cloak - DTF Tusken Raider
armor - SAGA2 Death Star Gunner
arms - TVC Vizam
hands - TVC Snaggletooth
tunic - TVC Weequay
legs - TVC Weequay

Noyil La'Tir - Hired thug working for the Tantaar Raiders (upcoming character in photonovel series)


head - TBS Sergeant Doallyn
torso - TBS Vizam
arms - TBS Kithaba
hands - fodder bin
tunic - TBS Vizam
legs - TAC Pax Bonkix

Nikto Guard - Another alien that I made for the Tantaar Raiders organization.


head - TBS Vizam
torso - TBS Kithaba
armor - SAGA2 Death Star Gunner
arms - Evolutions Palpatine
hands - TBS Vizam
tunic - TAC A'Shared Hett
legs - TBS Vizam

Nice work, your son is following his daddy's steps already and it looks great. Great creativity, as always :) And I see material for some yoda capes there ;)
Chewie, I can understand your frustration with server issues - I used to host all my custom pictures on a site I created during college, which I've been paying for well over a decade. They've had a number of issues so I've started uploading pictures to the RS photo gallery. Its so freeing to break away, but its a lot of work to try to fix all those broken links! Luckily, on yakface you can freely edit posts, so I've been able to restore some of my customs.

Its great to see a new thread and equally cool to read that your son is joining the hobby! Your customs always inspire the community on this site. Fantastic work as always - I'll continue to browse with great interest.
Here's a batch of customs for the current Yakfinities, Scavengers.

Eltu Kigilu - Scavenger who roams wreckage on Jakku.


head - TBS Ree Yees
torso - TVS Endor Rebel
biceps - TVC Endor Rebel
forearms - fodder bin
hands - Dr. Who Alien (6" scale)
jacket - Indiana Jones Sallah
tunic - ROTS Agen Kolar
skirt - Movie Heroes 3D Tusken Raider
legs - TVC Weequay

Raasp Lutin - Scavenger who roams wreckage on Jakku.


mask - Evolutions Padme
head - Dr. Who Alien
scarf - Movie Heroes 3D Tusken Raider
torso/body - SAGA Emperor
arms - Clone Wars Ki Adi Mundi
hands - Dr. Who Alien

Sarco Plank - Scavenger who roams wreckage on Jakku... guess we'll know quite a bit more about him soon when the movie hits.



head - TFA Sarco Plank
torso - TAC Elis Helrot
arms - TAC Elis Helrot
tunic - TAC Elis Helrot
soft goods - various Jedi capes
hands - fodder bin
legs - TVC Nikto Jedi

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