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By YAK_Chewie
Hey guys - I know the community fodder box that's been passed around has gone over great - but thought we could start a thread here for people looking for specific parts.

Since this is really intended for customs/etc., we can do this outside the classifies section. So, if you have specific parts items you are looking for, feel free to post in this thread. Or if you have some extra parts for trade (or you are willing to sell).

Please keep in mind, this isn't intended to turn into a classifieds thread with people selling carded figures, but more or less to help out fellow customizers.

Thanks all.

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By JawaKing
Great idea! This could be a great place to list parts that you have available. I trade occasionally with a few people now, and it has worked out favorably. I also don't mind paying a little for the parts I need using Paypal. BTW- looking for a Tessek head, a TRU Teebo cowl (either one, really just want the feathers) and a VOTC/Target-type Tusken Raider body with limbs still attached (head & accessories not required, soft goods optional.)
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By darthapathy
This is a fantastic idea. I am in search of heads to do some customs. I have two lists; one for specific customs and one for army builders

Willrow Hood
Juno Eclipse/Deena Shan (any version)

Army builders
AT-ST Driver (Attack on Hoth BP)
Fenn Shysa /Tobi Dala/Kyle Katarn (Comic Pack)
Dred Priest/Llats Ward (EE pack)
Kir Kanos/Carnor Jax /Alum Frost (Crucible)
Hoth Rebel Trooper (clean shaven)
Capt. Needa (TLC)
Galen Marek/Starkiller (Evolutions and/or TFU TRU exclusive versions)
Jake Farrell (Evolutions-WM exclusive)
Jodo Kast (K-Mart exclusive)
Naboo Pilot (DTF or TVC)
Rebel Honor Guard/McQuarie Concept Rebel Trooper (TAC)
AT-AT Commander (TVC)

I am also in search of the pilot headset from Evolutions Jango Fett.
I have several heads to trade for heads and will have more "common" ones available once I'm able to swap out.
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By darthapathy
After looking over planned customs I realized I need to add a few things to the want list

Keyan Farlander (head)
Rham Kota's Militia (head)
B-Wing Pilot (gloves/boots)
Imperial caps; gray and black
AT-ST pilot helmets (visor up version that came with Han Solo AT-ST driver [2004] or the pilots that came with the Target exclusive TAC UBP's or TLC WM exclusive AT-ST)
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By JawaKing
Yes, thanks Darthapathy for a great trade of parts. I hope to get a list of my available parts for trading listed soon. And I hope word of this thread gets around and other customizers can take advantage of this as a parts resource!
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By darthapathy
While working on a few customs this afternoon I decided to take a few pictures of what I had to trade in the parts swap. I realized I had a want list but never put up a have list. Here is what I have for trade.

First up is heads
009.JPG (18.3 KiB) Viewed 17506 times
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