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Chewie my friend as soon as i saw these figures come up on Ebay i said to my wife they were your work its so unique they are as always beautiful.
Thanks... I didn't like parting with them, but I need to make a little space and also it helps me out with expenses. Plus everything I sold has pretty much run its course in my photonovel series.

Speaking of such, I just finished two important customs to the next chapter - a new Rykrof and a new Palpatine. I also have to make a new Freelo still too - and perhaps Tylin Gere. So I might have an update later this week. Or even tonight, if I have time.

Thanks, yeah there's a lot of stuff on that page that I've done over the years. If you scroll down to the bottom of it you can see some of my earlier work, which shows that I had a lot of trouble with some of my earlier customs. I'm still learning as I go, and while I have a lot less time these days I am still enjoying it immensely.

Now, I finally have an update to share - look for most of these to appear in Rykrof Enloe Chapter 32 -The Final Command

Infestation - A droid that has been infested by an alien parasite, thought by Imperial scientists to be a possible cause for a Feral Droid outbreak in the Outer Rim.


tentacles - POTF2, SAGA2 Bib Fortuna
rest - Droid Factory protocol droid

Rykrof Enloe - Coruscant attire, post Clone Wars.


head - SAGA Endor Rebel
neck - some random arm
torso - Comic Pack Bothan
arms - TAC Bespin Guard
hands - random hands
tunic - Comic Pack Janek Sunber
legs - Comic Pack Bothan

Fatto - A chubby Toydarian merchant who resides on Coruscant.


head - EPI Watto
wings - EPI Watto
feet - EP1 Watto
hands - ROTS Plo Koon
scarf - Comic Pack A'Sharad Hett
rest - SAGA2 Podracer

Tredwell Droid - A droid that resides on Coruscant, known by some to be LC-TD; aka Luggage Carrier Tredwell Droid


head - POTF2 Flashback Tredwell
neck - unknown
torso - B.A.D. part
arms - B.A.D. parts
stem - POTF2 Flashback Tredwell
base - Legacy Jawa droid

Ithorian Merchant - Resides on Coruscant after the end of the Clone Wars.


head - SAGA2 Hammerhead
scarf - SAGA2 Hammerhead
torso - Legacy Zuckuss
arms - Legacy Zuckuss/SAGA2 Hammerhead
belt - Legacy Zuckuss
skirt - SAGA2 Kitik Keed'kak
legs - SAGA2 Hammerhead

Darth Vader - Post Clone Wars.


head - Gentle Giant Bust Up Darth Vader
rest - Legacy Darth Vader

Emperor Palpatine - Post Clone Wars



head - Gentle Giant Bust Up Darth Sidious
hands - ROTS Chancellor Palpatine
rest - SAGA Chancellor Palpatine

That's it for now, I have several more in the works including a lot of diorama work for my next photonovel chapter.

Inspiring stuff! The backgrounds are looking great, and these figures are wonderful.

LOVE that infected droid. Are we going to see the feral droids in the photonovel? :)

Another great update to Rykrof. Really like this one.
Hey Chewie,

really love your latest stuff:

How did you come up with that alien parasite droid? Ingenious idea. Fantastic use of Bib Fortuna lekkus.
Marvellous weathering effects on the droid.

Rykrof Post Clone Wars:
Again, a very nice outfit for Rykrof. Absolutely great use of parts. I guess it took some time to get the arms,
torso and skirt to look in the same kind of blue.

Fatto :) :
Nice changes made on Episode 1 Watto. Not familiar with most of the parts you used but anyway, the result
is awesome as usual.

Treadwell Droid:
Nice use of parts again. I don't know: maybe you used part of an IG-88 arm for its neck.

Ithorian Merchant:
I really dig that one because it is one of the best paint jobs I have seen made for an Ithorian.
Also very good use of the Legacy "Zuckuss" parts. Fits perfectly well.

Darth Vader:
Unbelievable what a quick head change can do with a regular Hasbro "Darth Vader" figure.
200 times better than the original. One thought though: the "silver pins" of his mask could
be slightly smaller - just an idea.

Emperor Palpatine:
My favourite of the group. An absolutely amazing paint job on the whole figure +
a fantastic head you used. Are you going to give him a hood in the same paint scheme?

Chewie, that is some bada$$ stuff and I - as many others on the forums - am looking forward to
seeing the conclusion of Rykrof's adventures in Chapter 32.
Great update again, Chewie! Love that infested droid, that's really original. Looks like something the Vong could've done as well, although they'd most likely smash it to pieces first :D

How many Rykrof customs have you made, actually? This is another very fine example of him.

Love the aliens as well, especially the choice of colours for their outfits. Same goes for Palps and that head looks great on that figure!

Great stuff, buddy, great stuff!
All I can say is


Your painting skills have truly reached stratospheric heights. Extraordinary work all around.

LOVE Rykrof, great look for him. LOVE the Emperor. Love the whole damn bunch and, yeah, the infected droid is such a crazy and original idea! How cool!

Once again, I am stunned by your mind-blowing skills. So imaginatively conceived and beautifully executed.
i'd first like to tell you how much i like the way each batch of your customscomes with a distinct color scheme. it gives each PN chapter an visual identity all by itself

Clever, and i expect the opening in his chest to reveal something gruesome

Rykrof Enloe - Coruscant attire, post Clone Wars.
Cool civvie attire, i like the kinda retired look it gives him

Fatto - A chubby Toydarian merchant who resides on Coruscant.
not much to say except the hands work well and you nailed this custom

Tredwell Droid - A droid that resides on Coruscant, known by some to be LC-TD; aka Luggage Carrier Tredwell Droid
cool, same comments about the color and great paintapps as usual, it's a wonderful combo of parts

Ithorian Merchant - Resides on Coruscant after the end of the Clone Wars.
i love to see more Ithorians wearing robes, it's a great way to use this formidable alien design

Darth Vader - Post Clone Wars.
what's to say ? i love the head and the body is kinda hard to beat

Emperor Palpatine - Post Clone Wars
one of my faves of the batch, interestingly enough i'd never have thought to give palpy something else than a monk robe
great job on the very original colors
As always, some awesome work from you, Chewie! I totally agree with the general opinion that the infested droid is a very cool idea, very gruesome, I can't wait ot see what role he plays in the story! :wink:

The aliens are great, I particularly like Fatto, and the Treadwell droid is neat! I very much like Rykrofs attire, too, casual but smart at the same time! Palps is very cool, you don't often see him without a hood post Clone Wars and his robes are very nice!

Finally, please tell me we'll be seeing Darth Vader in the story, that would be so, so cool!

I totally can't wait for Capter 32! :wink:
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