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Greetings all. Its been a bit since i Posted some of my creations here but since I've been doing a ton of star wars customs lately its time to start again. Some of the stuff is available but most isn't. Anyway I hope you like them.

Revan, The Old Republic Style:
For this version of Revan I reworked the face mask to make it look closer to the game. The Hood is a cast of one I sculpted. I resculpted the upper torso and buckle and sewed the skirt and cape.

Darth Traya (KOTOR 2):

Saarai(Darth Wyyrloks Daughter):

Marka Ragnos:

Mandalorian(KOTOR Style):
This is a new head and torso set I sculpted and casted. My son assembled this one. I will be doing some different color variantions in the future.

Darth Tenebrous:
I sculpted the small face mask and chest armor on this one.
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JawaKing wrote:Amazing! Great use of fabrics and sculpting with the existing figures and parts. Also, great paint work!

Thanks Jawaking.
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DarthDaddy wrote:I've really missed seeing your updates! It's been too long. These latest customs are wonderful. Love the soft goods. Very well done!

Thanks man! And you sir have gotten really good!
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Greeting Fellow Fans, I wanted to share a new sculpt I did of the Star Wars Character Darth Sion. This version is from the Force Unleashed DLC. I used a shirtless GI Joe Stormshadow torso and the GI Joe movie firefly head to sculpt on. Let me know what you guys think of him. I'm also including some pics of my un-named Female Twilek Sith from the Star wars fallen empire trailer. If anyone is interested in buy them I've included links under there pics. Hope you like them!

Darth Sion:


Un-named TOR Female Sith:

I make stuff too!

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