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By SpaceLizard1980
Definitely YAK_Chewie! I already make a list of all parts I need before creating the custom anyway so I post it just in case someone wants to make their own or needs inspiration for parts. As for Hasbro not making the Battlefront troopers, it’s not like they haven’t done it before (e.g. Clone Trooper and Battle Droid Battlefront 2 (2005) sets). We are certainly missing some great opportunities for battle packs/multi-packs in the modern Star Wars line. :roll:
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By SpaceLizard1980
Hello everyone, wanted to slip in a quick custom showcase on this very important day in Star Wars history: The 15th Anniversary of Knights of the Old Republic! One of my personal favorite eras and top favorite video game from the Star Wars universe.

Dark Jedi






3FB89EC3-A05F-48FA-8B76-7815AFD30BEB.png (705.09 KiB) Viewed 2223 times

Made from:
-G.I. Joe M.A.R.S. Trooper
-ROTS Darth Sidious (hood, lightsaber)
-Custom fabric tunic

These guys can be found throughout the game usually using ambush tactics. They can also be seen wielding single or double-bladed lightsabers and can have various outfit shades.

Will be posting some more recent customs very soon...
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By RookieOne
That dark jedi does a great job capturing the look from the game. I may have to try my hand at that recipe to give my KOTOR figures somebody besides Malak to fight. With an unmasked head and a little paint that same recipe might also work well as a Reborn from Jedi Outcast, too.
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By SpaceLizard1980
Hello again. I know I said I would be posting more customs soon but between school and life I haven’t gotten the chance to post some of my more recent customs. These were made a little while ago so I’m posting them now for the next round of customs. Enjoy!

Lando (Raconteur)




Made from:
-Black Series Lando (Solo)
-Red fabric painted, cut, and tied
-Some modification to the shirt/torso

I absolutely loved Solo: A Star Wars Story and felt it was a great addition to the new Star Wars universe. A simple repaint of the Black Series Lando from Solo. In this case I decided to replicate Lando as seen at the end of the movie in his final encounter with Han during a very important game of Sabacc.

Han Solo (Corellia)





Made from:
-Black Series Han (Solo: base figure, jacket, belt)
-Black Series Han (ANH: arms, gloved hands)
-Heavy modification/sculpting on shirt, pants, arms
-Wrist bands from cut fabric

Was holding out hope for the past two conventions that Hasbro would announce a Han Solo in his Corellian attire to go with Qi’ra. Sadly there is apparently no chance any time soon. I decided to make one myself doing a simple repaint and sculpt of the Black Series Han out right now. Looks great on the display since Qi’ra is no longer alone in her Corellian outfit.
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By SpaceLizard1980
Princess Leia (Adventure Gear)




Made from:
-Rebels Leia (head)
-Legacy Collection Padme (arms, legs)
-Jyn Erso (belt)
-TFA Black Series Leia (torso, gown cut for jacket)
-Extra DH-17 with cut Ackbar staff glued to front for weapon
-Sculpted hair, gloves, torso, and added collar

Princess Leia as she appeared in her own comic book and the Battlefront II video game. Always loved this look for Leia and decided to make a custom since there is no way we would get an official release due to the lack of EU figures lately.

Edit: I also have some Marvel Legends customs I made recently. Let me know if anyone is interested and I will post them in the thread.
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By JawaKing
These are nicly put together and painted, SpaceLizard! The 6" figures are great additions that we probably won't see from Hasbro. The Leia figure is well built and very built.
It’s been a while and I have had many customs in the works for months now. It’s been really busy and I haven’t had a lot of time to photograph my latest works (or even create more works :roll: ). Took a small break from Star Wars customizing to create figures from other franchises, but here is the next round of Star Wars custom figures. Enjoy!

Vintage Star Wars Customs and Cardbacks

*All customs use Repro parts or real vintage figures in extremely bad shape that needed a new purpose*

Rebel Fleet Trooper




Made from:
-Han Solo in Endor Trench Coat (body)
-Death Squad Commander (head)
-Repro blaster

Always felt this was one of the biggest missed opportunities in the vintage Kenner line. Decided on a POTF cardback as I thought he would fit in well with the likes of the Death Star Gunner and Luke in Stormtrooper disguise.

Princess Leia (Yavin Ceremony)



Made from:
-Leia ANH
-Medal from fodder (Repainted to look Kenner)
-Sculpted hair and sewn gown bottom
-Repro cape

Had an unsalvageable Leia that I tried to reverse the yellowing on but did not work out. I decided to make a custom with it and one instantly came to mind. Took a lot of dremeling to the arms to remove the sleeves and painted over the body.





Made from:
-POTF Garindan head (Repainted to look Kenner)
-Death Squad Commander (body)
-Repro cape
-Repro blaster

The vintage Star Wars line did not make our favorite imperial spy that snitched on our heroes in Mos Eisley. The later POTF line, still made by Kenner, have perfect sculpts that fit right into the vintage line, having removed some minor details.
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Luke Skywalker (Desert Poncho)




Made from:
-Luke ANH
-Repro lightsaber
-Sewn poncho

A nice variant of the original Luke Skywalker with a Repro double-telescoping lightsaber! Goes perfect with the Landspeeder.

Biggs Darklighter (Tosche Station)




Made from:
-Han Solo Bespin
-Sewn cape
-Repro blaster

Biggs as appearing in the deleted scene from Tosche Station when he talks to Luke before meeting up again in the Rebellion. Makes for a good partner to the Luke in poncho.

Cantina Band Member (Figrin D’an)




Made from:
-ROTJ Jedi Luke (body)
-POTF Cantina Band Member (head, flute)

Again, the later POTF Kenner line had a perfect head sculpt to be used for a vintage Cantina Band Member. The figure fits seamlessly into the Creature Cantina and the rest of the Cantina aliens made by Kenner.
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By SpaceLizard1980
Mongo Beefhead Tribesman Cardback



While making cardbacks I decided to add one to go along with the Mongo Beefhead Tribesman who was part of the cancelled “The Epic Continues” like by Kenner. There is no sources that I know of for prototypes on what the packaging for this line would have looked like. I tried to add a new flair to cardback that would also stay true to the vintage Kenner design.

I also want to give credit to the user on Rebelscum who posted a vintage Star Wars cardback maker with templates and assets that made the custom cardback process much easier.
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By SpaceLizard1980
Black Series 6-Inch

Carnor Jax




Made from:
-Black Series Royal Guard
-Custom sewn cape
-Bladed staff from dowel rod/cardboard/electrical tape

Ever since the black series royal guard came out I wanted to make the duo from Crimson Empire. Upon finding a clearance guard I knew it was the perfect opportunity so I painted him in the proper design and added a bit of weathering. Hopefully Kir Kanos is not far behind...

Kyle Katarn





Made from:
-Marvel Legends Ego (body)
-Marvel Legends Sub-Mariner (head) with sculpted hair
-Sewn shirt and leather for gauntlets/shoulder pad
-Bryar Pistol from Star-Lord gun and tape
-Poe Dameron (holster)
-Extra lightsaber from fodder

After recently playing Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, I wanted to make a figure of Kyle Katarn that would fit in the Black Series line. Sadly since Katarn is now “legends” we may never get the opportunity for an official Black Series release by Hasbro.
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By SpaceLizard1980
Bastila Shan






Made from:
-Marvel Legends Retro Black Widow (body/head)
-Sculpted hair
-Sewn body suit and leather/electrical tape for the rest
-Lightsaber is a dowel rod and blades are from those sword toothpicks

One of my favorite characters from the expanded universe is Bastila Shan hands down. We finally got a 3.75” figure in the vintage collection line and a good one at that. We will most likely never see an official black series version to go with Darth Revan, we could only be so lucky :neutral: . This is probably my most ambitious custom to date cause she deserved the best.

Force Unleashed 3.75”

Juno Eclipse (Force Unleashed II)





Made from:
-Resistance Rey (head, body)
-Black Series 3.75” Jyn Erso (arms, waist, thighs, jacket, holster, blasters)
-Black Series Lando General (boots)
-Heavy sculpting over the figure

One custom that I have never seen done before is Juno Eclipse from Force Unleashed II. This is one figure that I have wanted ever since I played the game. We only ever got one official figure from Force Unleashed II so I intend on filling in many of the gaps left by Hasbro.

I hope to update more frequently in the future. Thanks for looking and may the force be with you all!

More to come...
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