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By Chuckles
My first custom figure was a black-magic-marker-painted Stormshadow in '88 or '89. It didn't turn out all that well, but I've gotten better since.
I started customizing SW in the 90's. I don't have a ton of pictures, especially of the older stuff, so I'll share a few and more later as I take or find more pics.

So for starters; I really love Ewoks!










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By Chuckles
Thanks guys, more to come! I'm working on a new ewok custom, and a couple Nippet repaints (hope to finish those this weekend). And I'll get around to photographing and sharing the non-ewok customs too. Speaking of which, here are some old pics of some of my oldest custom Jabba guard customs.

09 June 2007 025.jpg

09 June 2007 017.jpg

09 June 2007 013.jpg
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By Chuckles
Wow, I forgot about this guy. I found this photo among some old custom figure photos. I wonder what ever happened to this figure? Pretty sure I hated how it turned out and stripped him for parts.

09 June 2007 031.jpg
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By EndorJunkie
Fantastic looking ewoks!!! I love the use of the turtle shell for a shield and the skull facemask from the Indy cemetery warrior figure! Can't wait to see more!
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By Chuckles
I finally got around to customizing a Beedo this morning, but there were two Rodians in Jabba's Palace and I wondered what if one of those dudes zipped up his jacket? Now they can share a scene and look slightly different.


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By Chuckles
Knocked out another Ewok this morning too. Had to cut the neck peg and dremel out the head to fit the neck ball on this figure. I think this one turned out pretty good with minimal work.



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