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By Chuckles
I posted some droids in the recent Yakfinities contest, but forgot to add them here to my thread.
For starters a Treadwell with some random greebles.




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By Chuckles
This wasn't part of the Droid contest, and probably I should weather this. But Jabba is definitely going to need more bar service, right?

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By Chuckles
Fresh new fan-fic (previewed in Jabba's jail above). This Mando wondered why there are so many damn bounty hunters, and didn't want to be another cliche. So he's an outer rim hunter/trapper of beasts.




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By Chuckles
I didn't like the bed permanently mounted, so I took it out. Custom Barge. ;)
See below for pics. After watching the Haslab assembly video I figured I could get leverage with a flat head screwdriver and pop Jabba's bed out. Pretty easy to lift a little using the rail and insert a flat head. I used a wider headed screwdriver and twisted to get the leverage to pop the bed away from the rails. Scared me a little, but it's gives me a ton of space for play or figure photos.
You can see where I scratched the flooring with the screwdriver. Maybe this could have been prevented if I'd been more careful, but I don't think it looks bad, and I'll be putting a carpet down when Jabba isn't aboard. I also stressed the plastic supports under the bed, but you'll never see that. And if you look close you can see where I broke a tiny bit of the railing in the floor, but I had to put the camera phone inside the barge to see that.
Once I removed the four screws that normally hold the bed in place the bed sits flat back in the slots. So when Jabba is aboard you'd never know it's been altered.






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