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By darthvlad
C-3PO TFA.JPG (79.8 KiB) Viewed 8232 times

C-3PO (Resistance Protocol Droid, D'Qar) (The Force Awakens)
A fastidious and worry-prone protocol droid, C-3PO longs for more peaceful times, but his continued service to Princess Leia keeps him in the frontlines of galactic conflict. He wears his red arm as in memory of those lost in the mission to find Admiral Ackbar.

It's nothing too complicated: a simple repaint of the Disney build a droid using insignia red and metallic gold to make the casing pop out (the only real change was painting the upper arm from red to gold)

- Gold Disney Build-a Droid head, torso, legs, and right arm
- Red Disney Build-a Droid left arm
- Testors Metallic Gold
- Model Master Insignia Red
M-HYD.JPG (80.39 KiB) Viewed 8231 times

M-HYD (Star Wars)
The Mini-Huvicko/Yuzabi Dowser binary hydromech droid, also known as the M-HYD, was a model of hydromech droid used to locate and harvest subterranean water sources and communicate with moisture vaporators. The model saw use on Tatooine when the captain of the Lucky Despot brought a shipment of them to the arid world. However, prospectors grew frustrated at the many failings of the model, and as a result, many units were abandoned. One such unit was M-HYD 6804, which became a mainstay in the hold of Chief Nebit's sandcrawler.

- Parts are from Hole in the Ground Productions.
- Testors Flat Black
- Testors Flat Light Ghost Gray
- Testors Flat White
- Model Master Insignia Red
2X-3KPR.JPG (78.14 KiB) Viewed 8229 times

2X-3KPR, the light-bulb droid (Star Wars)
2X-3KPR was a KPR servant droid manufactured by Lerrimore Droids. The droid was one of several KPR servant droids owned by Owen Lars prior to the Battle of Yavin. 2X-3KPR was responsible for patrolling the perimeter of the Lars homestead,and was programmed to activate alarm sensors, security lights, and power fences.

- Parts from Hole in the Ground Productions.
- Testors Flat Light Ghost Gray
- Testors Flat Gull Gray
- Testors Flat Tan (bulb)
- Vallejo Model Color Bronze
- Glo-It Glow in the dark paint (bulb, for night effect)
WED-9-M1.JPG (86.64 KiB) Viewed 8228 times

WED-9-M1 (Star Wars)
WED-9-M1, nicknamed "Bantha" for its slow and stubborn personality, was a unique WED Treadwell repair droid cobbled together by Jawas and seen around Mos Eisley. It was later owned by Chachi and Ohwun De Maal.

Apparently there is another WED-9 with a slightly different deco, so I put in another order so that I can make that one as well. It was really tough to know what colors to "bulbs" on the front were as there aren't too many reference photos to go off.

- Parts from Hole in the Ground Productions.
- Testors Flat White
- Testors Flat Gull Gray
- Testors Gloss Blue
- Testors Gloss Red
- Testors Metallic Silver
- Testors Flat Tan (wash)
- Testors Flat Black
Nobot.JPG (80.79 KiB) Viewed 8227 times

Nobot (The Phantom Menace)
"Nobot," also known as "Ghost Droid," was a 3PO-series protocol droid that constantly walked the streets of Mos Espa, Tatooine. The droid appeared to have no aim or function as it wandered across the desert wasteland of Tatooine, and the only thing truly known about it was that it was a resilient unit—despite its travels, it would always find its way back to Mos Espa. The droid became the subject of several tales and anecdotes, most notably from the aging marketplace vendor Jira.
For two peggats, the old vendor would tell her story. Jira claimed that Nobot had been witness to the murder of a young pregnant girl, and that rumors persisted labeling the 3PO unit as the killer. Apparently, Nobot would play back an audio recording of the incident, featuring the young woman pleading for her life and screaming in horror as the deed was done. Beyond that, rumors persisted, claiming that the droid was surrounded by the dark side of the Force. Repeated attempts to destroy Nobot apparently failed, as the protocol droid would always find its way back to Mos Espa. Jira's fellow vendors, listening in on her repeated tellings of the story, would eventually develop their own versions while trying to compete with the aging woman.

Another Disney build a droid repaint of one of the more interesting (in my opinion) background characters in The Phantom Menace. Nobot was difficult to do with the lack of reference photos. In one photo, it appears he is heavily scored, especially in the head but in another it looks like it still is gold and that the dark look on the right side of his face appears to be shadow. I just did my own interpretation. Hope you like it.

- Gold Disney Build-a Droid all parts
- Testors Metallic Gold
- Testors Flat Black
- Testors Flat Dark Gull Gray
- Testors Flat Light Ghost Gray
- Testors Flat White
Han in Carbonite Thawing.JPG
Han in Carbonite Thawing.JPG (109.55 KiB) Viewed 8227 times

Han in Carbonite detail 01.JPG
Han in Carbonite detail 01.JPG (128.89 KiB) Viewed 6973 times

Han in Carbonite detail 02.JPG
Han in Carbonite detail 02.JPG (108.73 KiB) Viewed 6973 times

Han in Carbonite (Thawing) (Return of the Jedi)
Another repaint, this time of the carbonite block piece from The Black Series. I always have wanted a piece where Han is partially thawed.

- TBS Han in Carbonite
- Testors Insignia Red
- Model Master Skin Tone Warm Tint
darthvlad wrote:Han in Carbonite Thawing.JPG
Han in Carbonite (Thawing)

Another repaint, this time of the carbonite block piece from The Black Series. I always have wanted a piece where Han is partially thawed.

Wow! Fantastic job on the Han in carbonite. How difficult was it to paint?
darthapathy wrote:Wow! Fantastic job on the Han in carbonite. How difficult was it to paint?

Not at all! I used Model Makers Insignia Red and Light Flesh Tone. I just did a light coat of Red on most of the figure so it was a bit transparent and painted flesh where Han’s face is exposed. Had to touch up in places on the face and hands.

In hindsight, it might be better to paint the full face and hands with flesh and then a light coat of red over the parts you want covered so it looks like it’s melting (starting to see the skin through the carbonite).

Thank you for the comments! I had fun doing these and will likely do more. Just need some confidence and creativity to try other things.
Go for it!

It's hard to see it on the photo with the angle I took the photo (Leia is actually holding the block up), but I didn't get into detail around his mouth (lips, teeth). It seemed too difficult to get it right even with the smallest brush I had so I went the easy route.
KMD-RA-71.JPG (74.73 KiB) Viewed 7895 times

KMD-RA-71 (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)
KMD-RA-71 was a silver-plated RA-7 protocol droid produced by Arakyd Industries. It was present in Jedha City on the moon of Jedha in the year 0 BBY. When the Galactic Empire evacuated its forces from Jedha, KMD-RA-71 looked up to see the Star Destroyer Dauntless departing. The Empire then destroyed Jedha City with the Death Star superweapon.

- Silver Disney Build-a Droid all parts
- Testors Metallic Silver
- Testors Gloss Black
- Testors Flat Black (wash)
IMG_0818.JPG (85.43 KiB) Viewed 7892 times
IMG_0819.JPG (86.2 KiB) Viewed 7892 times

LL-3PO aka Two-El
LL-3PO supervised an automated workforce of nerfherders on Alderaan who was a victim of prank and the ill-fortune of his owner. The history is such: Two-El’s owner, a Republic-credit pinching farmer named Sydé Choa, was cranky and growled at the local teenagers to “stay off his farm!” Tired of his relentless antagonizing, a few of the teenagers snuck onto the farm while Two-El was powered down for the evening and removed the unsuspecting protocol droids right arm. Infuriated by his discovery, Sydé went to the local parts market in the city to find Two-El a new arm. After spending most of the day going from vendor to vendor without finding the right match to Two-El’s arm, Sydé was ready to give up hope until he found the arm at the next vendor’s place. Ecstatic to find a matching arm, the farmer immediately bought it and returned to the farm to replace the protocol droid’s missing arm. Upon reactivation, Sydé realized to his horror that in his excitement at finding the right pattern at the vendor’s he had bought the a left-side arm. Due to his tight budget, the farmer was unable to rectify the mistake and Two-El with two left arms, which drew heckles from passing teenagers on their way to school. LL-3PO was embarrassed by his situation and often hid his arm from view.

- Gold Disney Build-a Droid all parts (2 left arms)
- Testors Metallic Gold
- Testors Gloss Teal
darthapathy wrote:Wow! The detail work on LL-3PO is fantastic. I really like the color scheme. What color is that?

It's Testors' Teal Gloss with a touch of Metallic Gold where needed (I mostly used the X-Acto to trim the raised areas on the droid.

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