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By Joosk
The partisan X-wing Fighter.
Just use a VTC X-Wing or similar X-wing design.
Then use a BoShek figure remove head and paint helmet with blue or black insignias.

Rogue One Partisan X-Wing Fighter.jpg
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By Jodo
They should have released the TVC mold X-Wing in some form regardless if it was the partisan color scheme or not. Heck...TRU could have had this, Target could have had a Red Squadron version, and Walmart could have had a Blue Squadron version, and I would have bought all 3.

Excellent job on the mock-up BTW!
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By reverendstrone
I'd be hard pressed to pass that up, were it ever to go into production. It makes me want to go looking on e-bay for second hand big-winged X-Wings and crack out the paint ...
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By Joosk
Ive been looking myself for Large scale X-wings from the vintage and saga lines. Only problem is even loose ones are ungodly exspensive. I mean I have a guy who will do a slip cover with artwork for a box for these if I can ever get one lol.

Also want to do the Miners guild Tie fighter from Rebels.
Mining Guild Tie.jpg
By jorsupersid
Joosk wrote:Also want to do the Miners guild Tie fighter from Rebels.
Mining Guild Tie.jpg

I want that toy VERY MUCH. Such a lazy missed opportunity for release.
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