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By localgotal
Here's an idea for a much needed update, the Zabrak Jedi Master Eeth Koth. This would be a new head sculpt away, using the body of the Legacy Agen Kolar.


This simple update is a no brainier. The last realistic Eeth we received was in the POTJ line, over a decade ago (hard to believe). Although a well sculpted figure he was stuck in an extreme action pose and almost a statue in terms of articulation points. This figure would give us a modern update of this cool Jedi- which we love, while using 90% existing tooling- which Hasbro loves!

I do feel this would have been a perfect release while the Phantom Menace 3D was in theaters - however Jedi masters hold enough interest that I think he would still do well in retail. What other Jedi masters would fans like to see? Sound off below! :D
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By YAK_Chewie
As for other Jedi Masters... I always thought a super articulated Yarael Poof would be cool.

Maybe we could also get a new Ki Adi Mundi? The ROTS version rocks, but one with ball jointed elbows and ankles would be fun.

I'll probably buy any Jedi that is new - not always to have the character, but good custom fodder is always enjoyable for me - at times, that's the best part of this hobby for me.

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By localgotal
Both great choices!!! I do think a new Ki Adi would rock! Two other ones in need for a major update are Adi Gallia and Depa Billaba. Adi would also only require a new head sculpt, while Depa Billaba may be able to reuse some parts from past female Jedis. I do wonder how well Depa would do on a single card? Of the council members she probably is the most dull in terms of design. I think she may work better in some sort of multi pack.
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By Evilivo
Great concept again, I'm all for this one :) Aayla has some other great outfits from the comics that I would love to see in plastic - Sithfire made one incredible custom of her in mechanic disguise. I'd love to do one myself, but I only have one TVC version, they are ridiculously expensive on ebay :(
Another one that need update, save for Ki-Adi Mundi, is Shaak Ti. I think we need a whole new version, the way they did Luminara...
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By jedistyle
id definetely be on board with an update of eeth koth, i like his head scuplt a bit more than agen kolars, id be fine with the agen body being used for this charecter but i would like to see the long lower skirt as opposed to the short one and a bit more dark recoloring of his robes in general....

i always love new jedi figures, even repaints of old sculpts, i was all in for the two new geo battle packs, just as chewie, not always for the charecters but for the custom fodder.....

other jedi id really like to see redone wih superior sculpts are seasee tiin, one of my favs but the rots version had poor articulation on the arms and the legs where in a permanent sqeezed pose, yareel poof would be great to see updated, oppo rancis would be a good one and though there has been a couple fair ones done i dont much care for any of the current renditions of mace windu, id really like to see a well done version of him.

once again great work on the mock up, keep it up!
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