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By localgotal
Here's a recipe for both versions...

Head: Motu Plunder with salacious crumb's eyes. This head is pretty perfect for a toony design similar to the comic art. Unfortunately he's a different scale.(6 in Jaxxon?hmmm) If you're familiar with shrink molding, you could theoretically make a 3 3/4" cast.

Arms/torso: Clone wars cold gear Anakin. Greedo would work well too.

Legs upper: Scanning trooper

Legs lower: Greedo.

Gloves: Mcquarrie Snowtrooper

Boots: OTC cloud car pilot.

Shoulder armor: Part of Anakin's bubble space helmet, with some parts from a Doctor Who spaceman and Mr Freeze.
Back later with a recipe for version 2.
By Sjefke
Someone gave me The Guardians Easter Bunny figure to use as a head. No offence to him, but if I ever get around to Jaxxon, I'll give a go at sculpting.

Not that this means anything, but for the record, I prefer version 1's head and version 2's body.

Love this feature, LocalGotal!
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By Scarrviper
Love it, especially the 2.0 version. While I really never cared much for this character, I would gladly buy one if done right. Shame on hasbro for not even attempting him.
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