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Hello again- After last weeks little update of some easy kit-bashes to fill out the Vintage line, here are the digital mock-ups I've been spending a lot of time on. With the Haslab Barge, here's my big push for some Jabba themed multi-packs with a few retooled, but mostly new figures...

Set 1


Yoxgit - I've made a digital mock-up of this little guy once before, but here's a more screen accurate rendition. Yoxgit, would mostly use the Legacy tusked variant Ugnaught. He would include a new waist and belt piece- but the rest of the figure would remain the same, save a red and black repaint. Another thing I noticed in my research, Yoxgit's mask has strange clear bulbous "eyes"- I think this effect could be achieved with a change to the eye deco. Of all the Jabba goons that would be easy to create with existing tooling- Yoxgit is my number 1. He can be easily seen several times, especially on the barge. With such a low-cost figure, Yoxgit Has got to happen!

Gauron Nas Tal
- This Saurin is another character that pops up in the palace/barge frequently. The Head could be reused from the great Legacy era Hrchek Kal Fas. The rest of the body, save maybe reusing a set of Endor rebel gloved hands would be entirely new. Gauron has a very intricate and rich looking costume, he'd be a great addition and add a little interest to the crew of degenerates who serve the Hutt.

Nizuc Bek- There's quite a few human patrons and guards among the palace- truthfully a good portion of them are kind of bland. Nizuc, however certainly is not. Bek would be an entirely brand new sculpt. He would include a removable helmet, pistol with holster (Luke actually summons Bek's blaster when confronting Jabba) goggles to wear around his neck, and his weird silver rifle that appears to be the basis of the vintage Ree-Yees weapon (could also be cast in gold and included with a Vintage carded Black Series Ree-Yees release).


Bek also has multiple buying potential - with a completely separate character wearing an identical costume, with some slight variations. When filming ROTJ all of the Skiff Guards are played by stunt people. One guard now known as Velken Tezeri is wearing the Bek costume, with one difference-his face is covered by a scarf. Velken is also a prominent figure on the Hero skiff behind Luke. I assume the filmmakers intent was for this to be the same character (hence the hidden face) However when it came time to shoot the interior of the barge Bek can be seen partying with the rest of the court- so they are two separate characters. Hasbro has the opportunity to re-release this character with an alternate head and face scarf- or include a swap out face scarf like the Vintage Collection Zam Wesell to represent both looks. What would you all prefer?

Mosep (Palace Accountant) We already received a fantastic Black Series 3 3/4" Mosep- he's only a slight retool away from a ROTJ version of the character. Recipe would be a repaint of Mosep's deep red uniform to flat black. Included would be a newly sculpted pvc scarf/belt accessory to go around his shoulders- similar to the Elis Helrot figure from the 30th Anniversary collection.

Pack 2


Beedo- Greedo's Cousin is a stupid simple retool. VOTC Greedo with a Hoth Leia styled PVC vest cast in the favorite Shade of Rodian orange. The rest would remain the same, save Beedo's eyes- which would be a lighter blue shade.

Cane Adiss- This was such a difficult character to realise- barley seen on screen, but it (they???) are one of the most odd and unique characters in the palace. I'd love to see what sort of body Hasbro would design for this all new sculpt.

Another dancer character spotted multiple times in the palace. She has a very cool design, and a pop of color in the sea of mostly earth tones. Jess would be mostly new tooling.

Sgt. Doallyn
- I created this one before as well- but now with an official Skiff guard "Brock Starsher" released in the Black series, it would be even easier to make. This is the character that Chewbacca pushes down the stairs in the memorable ROTJ scene. Unfortunately the peg sizes vary greatly between the Skiff guard head and Bane Malar torso- so a retooled neck peg would be in order.

Keep crossing our fingers for a Barge- characters like this need a home! Up next... SKIFF GUARDS, check back later next week.
More fantastic work. These are must buys. Hasbro should make them all and put them in a mega pack. I think they should make both Nizuc Bek and Velken Tezeri. Give Velken your typical skiff guard weapons to make him slightly different than Nizuc. Keep up the great work
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