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Way back in the early days of, “seasoned” collectors will recall that we were known then as Yakface’s Realm. Today’s we excitedly announce the reemergence of that namesake via our new The Realm Recap Video Podcast. Hosted by myself and Stephen from, we take an informal and quick look into the highlights of the past week’s toy, TV and movie news. We have just posted our inaugural episode on YouTube so be sure to subscribe to our channel and stay tuned for our next episode which will surely be filled with the latest info coming out of Toy Fair next week.
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By Incom
I like it. It's great to follow on Google+ and I often have this and other SW podcasts on when I'm customizing. I have only been a member since 2006, so I think the Realm was before that, but it's fun and entertaining to see you guys discussing the state of collecting. FlyGuy is a great guy who also does tons of reviews. And I love his accent :D
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