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YAK_Chewie wrote:After watching Rebels tonight, it really pisses me off the figures are 5poa even more.


I had the same thought. It's a very fun show (so far), but I can't imagine picking up any of the 5 PoS....sorry, ahem, PoA figures ever.

However, if they ever release a proper Ghost vehicle...I may have to rethink my standing ban on buying new vehicles.
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By Jodo
I caught the first episode online, and just finished it. I gotta say I really like it! I didn't think I would, however it was a very cool opening episode. I don't think I'll pick up any 5POA figures just yet either, but I would definitely be down for a large Ghost. :!:
Least with Lego you get a good quality product for your money. Also you can shout at me for this, but it is Lego even when it's plural.
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By darthmadonna
Sad that Rebels Endcap. I have been hunting for Rebels stuff or more accurately hasbro figures from rebels. I have seen nothing but the Jedi reveal. Come on Hasbro where are the goods!? All I ever find is Old Lava Vader mission series and TONS of those army men everywhere. Anything actually branded Rebels is costumes, toy lightsabers, and lots of Jaks Pacific large figures that is it. It is as if Hasbro is not even making action figure toys from the series.
Is Opie from Family Guy in charge of Hasbro, the series is here and nothing! But hey we seem to get nothing period letely.
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By darthmac
I caught the episode last night on YouTube, not bad, although it feels like a step back for animation. Story telling was a bit more basic, but we'll see how it goes.
By UKHistory
I will read that over Chewie.

Having raised my concerns about Kanan and Ezra being strong in the Force, I really enjoyed the pilot. Fun story. The Imperials are just delicious bad guys. The uniforms, the bad guys, the ships. I think the Star Destroyer was not drawn big enough when it entered the atmosphere.

Great villains. I like the notion of a loose cabal of rebels doing good. That is fun. Heck I would like it quite a bit more if Kanan was not a jedi at all but just a guy who was saved by a Jedi. In that scenario Kanan took the jedi's sabre to keep it from the villains. He uses it but he is not one with the Force. More like a Don Quixote.

Love the Ghost. Think Chopper is fun. So much of the story is an homage to Ralph McQuarrie and that is what resonates with me the most. There is room to be very creative in this far away galaxy and I hope the writers really engage the audience with strong plots and adventure.

I am very high on the story.
Hey, the second episode is available for free on iTunes!

Go get it, folks.

I enjoyed it. Another good, but not great episode. Lots of cameos. Sabine is a little problematic, I find her voice acting a bit weak and I'm not entirely sold on her head for some reason. Love her outfit and character, but her features and hair bother me a little.

It has some slow spots, but, like the first episode, it's generally good fun. The very end is solid.

MODS - I think there should be a place in the forum to discuss the show itself (since this is obviously a forum for the Rebels toys.)

Time to reorganize some of the forums? In the "Star Wars Universe" section, how bout ditching the "live action TV" section (since that obviously isn't happening anytime REMOTELY soon, if ever) and replacing it with a "Rebels" section??
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