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Okay, this episode was actually pretty awful.

I was very disappointed. This show has SO much potential, but sitting idly by on Lothal while 2 crew members go on a grocery run has got to be one of the biggest wastes of time I can imagine.

I hope this will just be a blip on otherwise solid show as they find their footing.

But, seriously, it's time to ditch Lothal for good. I can't imagine a more BORING planet. Nothing but small towns, fruit stands and endless flowing waves of grain.

Seriously, guys, you live on a spaceship. You should be traveling the stars. You're prototypes for the Rebel alliance, don't waste my time and yours chasing down some fruit!

If the show needs a "home base" to return to every now and then, fine. I get that. Make it a rough-and-tumble space station filled with mystery and a whiff of danger. Shady characters from all over the galaxy, that kind of thing. Not peaceful farmers who were friends of the family.

Okay, maybe the show doesn't have the budget for that yet. But surely we can do better than this. "light" episodes are perfectly fine with me, but this was just so utterly inconsequential. The stakes were meaningless. (the farmer was clearly thrown in in a failed attempt to give Zeb and Ezra's little misadventure at least a sliver of meaning.)

But even on its own terms as a lighthearted romp, this one didn't click. It wasn't funny and just repeated some character work we already got with Ezra and Zeb, albeit in a warmed over, unimaginative way, while stranding 3 of our 5 main characters with nothing to do but lie in their bunks!!!

Please, please. I want this show to be great. To keep capturing the fun sense of adventure of the OT. To live up to the potential of the first two episodes (which were good, but not quite great.)

But this kind of stuff has got to go. Let's hit the stars in that spaceship and start having REAL adventures that actually matter.
You make good points. I think Lothal will get old, but the good news is that they have visited two new planets in the course of the first four episodes. I'm waiting a few more episodes before passing judgment, but I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would so far (despite the total incompetence of every stormtrooper on the show).
I actually enjoyed this episode, i found it funny and with some nice character development; which is needed as i just don't want fighting all the time. The only issue i had was the farmer rescue, surely the Empire would just go back after and recapture them at the farm and maybe punish them more?

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