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Darth Vlad's Clone wrote:
Jodo wrote:I definitely want to see it again for sure, but I want to wait until things die down just a bit, and the memories aren't as fresh as just a few days. :p

Let Chewie and I know.

I'm definitely still down to see it with you guys! It looks like I have assignments due Saturdays and Sundays for the next 3 weeks, so I could do something during the week sometime soon.
I saw it for the second time on xmas day at the Metreon in San Francisco in IMAX 3D and it was phenomenal. The screen is so wide, I had to pan my head like a typewriter to read the scrawl. Wow!

Anyway, my initial reaction after seeing it for the first time on opening night was that it was amazing but then over the course of the next week I nitpicked it to death in my mind and ended up thinking it was not that great after all. But, this second viewing has brought me back to the it's phenomenal camp. I am ready to let go of the problems I have with it. I'm at peace with the silly super-weapon, the pacing issues, etc.

I think Rey is Luke Skywalker's daughter. I'm thinking he didn't know (he knocked up the mom and bailed.) Maybe that's why Luke is hiding out - doesn't want to pay child support. The First Order is just looking for him so his baby momma can collect. Hah!

I think Snoke is Darth Plagieus - he who learnt to cheat death. He was "killed" (and disfigured!) by Sidious and somehow stayed in hiding during Sidious' rule. With his former apprentice gone he somehow swooped in to take control of the remnants of the empire (maybe pretending to be Sidious, saying Sidious had never died? He could demonstrate the same powers... dunno.) He poached Luke's Jedi students and seduced Kylo Ren to exploring the dark side. Maybe the "knights of Ren" are just a gang of breakaway pupils who banded together to kill the other students or something.

How long until some fan fiction resurrects Han Solo?
I saw the film with my family, this being me second viewing. I honestly enjoyed the film a considerable amount more than the first viewing. I think my initial rating would have been a 5, whereas this felt more like a 7. The dialogue was still terrible in many areas, and the pacing issues really get to me. Had there just been more moments to breath and take a step back, it would have been much better. Same goes with the rushed attack planning, and odd plot device of destroying yet another super weapon.

One random thought I had was that the spaghetti and meatball monsters shouldn't have been in the film. There would have been a much more serious danger with a shootout between the rival gangs aboard the big boxy ship, with the Falcon being the only viable chance at escape. Or even make that scene a non-action scene, where Han is convinced to return to the Falcon and the alliance/resistance...

I also noticed that when Hux is giving his speech to the FO, the farthest left Snowtrooper on the platform is losing his orange pauldron. :lol:
After months of having not seen TFA, last week I started watching the film. As the film progresses, I think it gets worse and worse. I gave the movie a 5/10 initially, but then changed that to a 7/10 on the next viewing. This time around I think I'm going to give it a solid 6/10, and stick with that.

One major thought I had during the movie, which honestly could have saved much of the plot that I didn't like, was that we start out with characters we don't know, and aren't invested in at all. In fact, I'll say that Finn and Poe are some of my least favorite movie characters ever, not just limited to SW films either! Their "buddy-ness" irks me, and I can't stand how they made Finn speak. His dialogue is terrible IMO.

Likewise, I hate how Poe is the best pilot ever, and racks up like 10 kills in a matter of seconds when the First Order attacks at Maz's Castle. It's just not believable, and stuff like that takes me right out of the movie. It's more video game that movie at that point. Same with the flying spaghetti monsters on board Han and Chewie's ship. I just don't get why stuff like that is forced in to a movie as a plot device. That could have been a great scene where parties are connected, and a firefight occurs driving everyone to board the Falcon. The monsters are unnecessary.

Now, what this post is really about...something got me thinking. If I could change one thing, a single thing in this movie, what would it be? Well, I'd change the focus of the plot. As mentioned above, I don't really care for the new characters. Rey is cool, but everyone else...Not for me. So to change that a bit, the film could have focused on Han and Chewie, who along the way, encounter the new characters.

In the film we do the opposite. We start with the people I don't care about (and who I'm not invested in). Had the film opened with Han Solo, and followed him instead of the new characters, I think I would have been much more pleased. Plus, this would have also brought more levity to his death at the end of the film. Instead, in this movie, he's a separated old man who lives in a box, who by dumb luck finds his famous ship part way through the movie. By shifting the focus to him and Chewie, I think the movie would have been much better.

Had we started out with the more solid and snarky Han we already know, the film would have also felt a bit less contrived. We could have still encountered Rey when Solo finally finds the Falcon (still lost on Jakku), but perhaps she was living in it. We could have met Poe and Finn later, or even had separate plots completely, that merge towards the end of the film, bringing the new characters altogether. That way we begin with the familiar, and then expand from there with the new characters.

...Just a thought!
having watched it at home a few weeks ago..
to me. it felt like a rushed made for tv movie that only got by on it's hype.

only thing that can possibly save it is if the second movie reveals more about how Rey has so many force abilities so fast.

kylo's temper tantrum scenes were hilarious though.
I saw it twice in theaters and twice at home, and I have to say I am rather fond of the movie, though I agree the pace was a bit rushed at times. I'd give it an 8/10, it ranks up with ROTS and ROTJ in my opinion. ANH and ESB were 9/10 for me, while AOTC and TPM were in the 6-7 range.

I didn't find that I had no connection to the new characters, I simply wanted to know more about them - especially Poe and Rey. These movies will be about the next generation, not the OT crew, so a major shift was the necessary direction they had to go. I'd also like to know why anyone would leave Rey with Unkar when she was a child. :shock: I think her Force abilities, which were greater than Lukes in ANH may hint at her role in the greater SW universe and her possible origin. Perhaps the prophecy was about her, not Anakin, she may turn out to be the Chosen One...
StooperZero, yeah...I agree! Had the film not generated so much hype I don't think people would have seen it as being so successful. My best friend still says it's one of his favorite movies, but it's also the only SW he has seen outside of ANH. I always view this as the most commercialized film so far, definitely made for general consumption. :P

Conversely, my girlfriend hates Star Wars and still won't watch this one (or the others), so I find that kind of weird. If she's going to enjoy one I think TFA would be it. :?
My gf started out hating Star Wars because she despised George Lucas, it had nothing to do with the actual movies. When she finally sat down and watched them with me she loved it and is now a full on nerd about it like me. Really I don't think we would have made it if she stuck to hating it.
When I went to see it, I was dreading that I wouldn't like it, and yet I was pleasantly surprised. Right from the opening the movie felt right. And Stormtroopers actually hitting people? About time!

What especially surprised me, was the restraint they showed with fan service. Sure, there's the occasional nod to the original trilogy, and a passing of the torch. But I never felt there was explicit fan service that took me out of the movie.

Its not a perfect movie. The entire Starkiller Base trench run was copy pasted straight out of A New Hope, and the movie didn't really need it. But there was so much I did like. I liked the characters... even the villain! The music wasn't very memorable, except for Rey's theme. But I felt that John Williams laid out the foundation for future themes. And it felt like Harrison Ford actually cared in this movie. He gave us his best Han Solo, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Not a perfect movie, but way better than I expected. And can I again underline how much restraint they showed with the fan service?
YAK_Chewie wrote:I watched TFA twice this week (each time on a plane flight).

It's a hell of a lot better than I remembered. Actually really good and gives me more hope for Ep 9.


Abrams is a very competent director with a good eye for staging, pacing, and acting. I just wish he had a more original voice when it came to plot and story. I rewatched TFA right before TLJ and remembered why I like him as a director so much.
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