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First pictures from the set of Rogue one. http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/star-wars-force-awakens-storm-6218981

Stormies, the ramp of a ship, equipment, palm trees and sand. So a beach or desert island planet? lol
Quite an exciting time and awesome photos! I hope we hear more about the filming process of this film than we have about Episode VII. I can't stand too many surprises and secrets. It's hard to believe how open Lucasfilm was in the early Hyperspace years when Pablo Hidalgo published a blog about the production of Episode III. I hope it's a beach since that's an environment we have not seen in the movies...yet!
After all the EW covering i'm so excited for this movie, the character descriptions and pictures just sound and look great.
I'm seeing Rogue One as it premieres on Wednesday. I am hyped about this movie. I still don't know if they've dropped the classic title crawl, but I hope it is still there. There's just something about sitting in a pitch black theatre... all quiet... and then those words come up: "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away".

Last time I saw that was with The Force Awakens, and you could have heard a pin drop, everyone was so quiet as those words came up. And then WHAM! The opening music hits you like John Williams driving a semi! I love it! You could just feel a wave of excitement wash over the whole audience.

But opening title crawl or not, I'm still very excited about this. I just hope that my expectations aren't unreasonably high. Is it bad to be so positively excited for your favourite franchise? Cause I've been burned before, and by the same franchise.
I'm going to hold off and try to find an early show this weekend. I am trying to reel in my expectations for this too, but some of the non-spoiler reviews I have perused are making it tough not to get excited. I really don't want to know anything else about the movie until after I watched it. Even the pics of the aliens EW released today look stellar, like a Star Wars dream come true.
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